I would guess that most people have looked at Wikipedia at one time or another. If you haven’t, you must live under a rock. Typically when you search for something, one of the results will be an entry in Wikipedia (the online encyclopedia – edited by the world). Do many people just go to Wikipedia to search? I never have, but that appears to be the premise of this app.

Wikipedia – opening screen

When you open the app you get “Featured Pictures” and “Featured Articles” sections. I can only find one difference. The picture section always has an image, but the Articles section just usually has an image (something like music would have no image). Note: the use of the word picture in “Featured Pictures” is technically incorrect. Images is the correct term when viewed on a computer screen. True most use them interchangeably, but depends I guess how much you care about terminology.) You also have an option to open up Wikipedia in a webpage, but it only goes to the main page in the Modern IE10 browser. There is no way to open a particular article showing in the app on the front page.

If you scroll to the right on the opening screen you’ll get two more sections, “On this Day” and “Recent Changes”. “On this Day” naturally are things occurring on the day you are viewing the app, a nice touch. Click on one for more information. “Recent “Changes I assume highlights articles that had an update recently by an editor. There is no way in the article to see what was changed, which I think defeats the purpose.

 Notice above the in the lower left corner the of the image the language choices has been activated. You certainly get an array of choices for languages which is a plus for readers around the world. It will show different articles as well that presumably are more popular for that language. Some languages do not give all the choices as shown in the screenshots for English. In fact, most of them only displayed “Recent Changes”. I did not find it easy to locate a language either.

Search within the app works well enough, but I still can’t help thinking I wouldn’t usually go to Wikipedia right away for many things. I would do a regular search and if a choice happens to be Wikipedia I might use it. Some may differ in their uses, but that is me. Below you can see the article view with the same three options available (change language, pin to start and open in browser – here it does open the article you are viewing in the browser). Buttons not shown in screenshot.

The Windows Store listing for this makes mention of a table of contents view, but I couldn’t find any way to activate it.

Wikipedia – article view

This app makes minimal use of the live tiles. It will display one featured article in brief as shown below. I think this could definitely show more, but maybe this app is incomplete. When not showing the article, it is just a white slab that says Wikipedia.

Wikipedia – live tile

If you love Wikipedia this is the app for you. It searches well, has sharing and in general a good view of the articles. I don’t personally find it that useful or convenient.



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