In case you aren’t familiar with this game, it is a boggle-type word game. The object is to find as many words as you can before the timer runs out. Longer words are worth more points. It also has special two-letter groupings like Th and Qu that if used get extra points.

Wordament – initial screen

Above you can see me signed into the game which uses an Xbox Live sign-in process. However you can choose to play as a guest to bypass that. If you connect with Xbox Live you get any friends on it added to your “Frenemies” list here. You can also add more to that list within the game itself. A nice leaderboard section and detailed help are provided. I like that when you click on Help & Options it opens up the charm for settings. So much easier than moving the mouse to activate the charm, etc. I hope more games or apps implement this. It may not be Modern style, but it makes more sense.

Wordament – game screen

It is fairly easy to choose your words, just drag the mouse over the letters you want and it tells you if it is a word or not. If a word, its added to the list and given a point value. I’m sure it works equally well with touch. I do caution that if you aren’t proficient with the mouse, you may find it difficult as even I missed some letters at times, but to be fair I was trying to go quickly due to the timer, so not really the games fault. It is unfortunate it doesn’t provide the option to simply type the words. I can type faster than move the mouse over the letters.

Wordament – results screen

Once time is up it switches to the results screen like the above image. Initially only the left side shows with an ad in the right half.  It has all sorts of statistics and if you click on someone in the list you’ll add them to your “Frenemies” list. I’m really not very good at this kind of game, but you can certainly learn about words you missed and perhaps increase your skill as time goes on.

By clicking on a letter you can get a list of all the words that contain that letter. On my screen that list (near the middle) is partially cut off. I have the minimum requirements for Windows 8 for screen-size so larger screens should be fine, still an error that should be fixed. I can scroll to view it, but that shouldn’t be necessary. You are able to also click on a word to see how it was formed (and say why didn’t I see that?). On the right you can see how you compare to everyone else online now.

Wordament – snapped

The game is quite playable snapped to one side as shown above. Naturally some text is a bit small but if you can play a word game while doing something else in the main screen, go for it.

I enjoy this game even if I’m not that good at it.. It has nice musical touches in it and interacts with Xbox Live for achievements. A few tweaks here and there to its style and a fun formula that would make a good game, great.



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2 comments on “Wordament
  1. Lzbk says:

    nice article. Could I reuse one of your screenshots for an article of my own ?
    Kind regards

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