MS Solitaire

Category: Games > Card   Download size 196 MB    Age rating: 12+   Publisher: Microsoft Studios

Microsoft has revamped the traditional free games it provides with Windows. It is about time. This is the first time they have been totally re-vamped and they aren’t just tiny programs any longer. 196mb just for Solitaire, but it does come with more than one game and a flashier presentation in Windows 8.

MS Solitaire – main screen

After the intro you are presented with this screen with your choices. You will only have an Xbox Live avatar showing if you’ve set that up already. You don’t need an Xbox to do this, and any achievements you get with the game get attached to your avatar. It certainly provides a lot more incentive to play and get something for your time-wasting at work. Clicking on your avatar opens up the Xbox Games app – to allow you to purchase more.

A very colorful view with 5 different solitaire games plus daily challenges. Some things like the challenges can’t be completed right now, it says to upgrade (for free) but I’m unable to do so. You also get not only choices for different card backgrounds as before but different themes and different locales to play in (like an Aquarium). I don’t play solitaire a lot, but nice to provide some variety with the themes (you can even create your own – just not yet).

MS Solitaire – more main screen

Continuing on to the right you’ll see your awards and achievements, leaderboards, statitics for you on each game and directions on how to play. It is presented clearly, designed well.

I’m not going to show the play screen since there isn’t anything too flashy there, well except for the themes. You get options to show hints, alerts and whether it goes through a tutorial or not for you. The options change for each game since Klondike, for example, three different scoring types and whether you can draw 1 or draw 3. The play is smooth, and works similar to the past versions. They have changed the ending though. Inside of each card bouncing around they fly around. A screenshot of that is below.

MS Solitaire – flying cards

Here is one area I wish it was just a crazier bouncing cards, but guess they figured it was time to retire that as well.


Search – not needed or used. Settings – as mentioned this changes with each game type. Share – all I am able to share is that I am currently playing the game, promoting MS but nothing about what I am doing. I can’t fully access my achievements so there may be changes when Windows 8 launches.


Believe it or not you can play this snapped in one-third view. It is a bit strange as the cards are placed vertically, but it sure enough works. You can see it below.

MS Solitaire – snapped western theme


The live tile is just right. Shows a few different images and then your overall statistics as well. Seen below.

MS Solitaire – live tile

MS Solitaire – stats tile

This is a great app. It is not your mother’s solitaire. It has plenty of options and more games than before. It has achievements that give you something to play for than just winning the game. It is free, so can’t beat that either. Currently there are a few other solitaire games in the Windows Store, but none have everything this game includes.



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2 comments on “MS Solitaire
  1. Tarkus says:

    There was some criticism that this was absent in earlier versions of Windows 8. Glad to see they brought it back, Metrofied.

  2. […] initial screen is designed very similar to the other free games, Mahjong and Solitaire. You have 3 levels of difficulty and a custom mode, adventure mode (more later) and daily […]

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