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(updated 1/13/13)

Previously I looked at one called Daily Wallpapers and I just think it is wrong to call them “wallpapers”. They are images for your lock screen or account picture. Of course this app DOES allow you to save the file elsewhere which is a bonus and then you “could” use it for a true wallpaper. I just feel it doesn’t really describe what you can do with it.

Background Wallpapers HD - main screen with settings

Background Wallpapers HD – main screen with settings

This app does have some beautiful wallpapers to choose from and an assortment of ways to get to that content. You can see the Main Actions which provides access to the same sections as shown to the right but curiously not the Categories. The only one I didn’t understand fully was the Wallpaper Contest. Only because it gives no indication how the contest is run, just shows results of the “winners”. Who chooses them and how does one submit? I can assume that since you can upload wallpapers (well not really they get emailed) that is how you “win” the contest. Still it could be more clear. I do like that there is a faint background of various wallpapers as you navigate through the app.

Background Wallpapers HD - categories

Background Wallpapers HD – categories

The “By Category” view gives you a great breakdown of the available wallpapers/lock screens and how many items are in each category. I wish they were in alphabetical order, which they are until about half-way through and then strangely seem randomly placed. Far too many are not categorized so that “other” is very large.

Background Wallpapers HD - schedule

Background Wallpapers HD – schedule

Jumping into one of the categories you get a common grid view and can scroll through them easily. It has an option to Pin which works in an odd manner. I thought I could pin a wallpaper but it only pins the category. The right-click for pinning doesn’t show up when you right-click to select an image. You have to right-click somewhere else and then are able to choose Pin. Not the usual method. It does provide an option to schedule the lockscreen to change on a schedule. Is this needed? How often do you see the lockscreen that you need to change it. For wallpapers I understand the need. The search has a dedicated button which goes to a dedicated search page rather than bringing up the charm. Why the unnecessary addition?

Background Wallpapers HD - wallpaper full size with options

Background Wallpapers HD – wallpaper full size with options

When you view an image full screen you do get an unobtrusive ad (which can be removed, noted later in review) in the upper left, with good options for what to do with it. What I really find interesting is the statistics in the lower left showing how many times someone has set it as a lock screen, account picture or saved it to disk. If you don’t want to see the statistics, just click and they are gone. A very handy option for previewing what it will look like as a lockscreen is provided. I like saving the images, since they get stored automatically in my pictures folder in a folder name Background Wallpapers HD and then I can choose to use them as wallpapers or backgrounds to my start screen (using Decor8).


Search – you can use the charm to search or the built-in search, though you must choose the charm or button to start a search (no just typing here). Share – It worked great. Provides a link in twitter, or an image and link in Mail/People and even allows sharing with any other apps like Stumbleupon that support it.  Settings – as shown it has a few settings. You can choose the default color highlight and choose to cache thumbnails or allow adult content.


You can view any image in the column snapped view and go to any category albeit quite a bit smaller. You cannot save the image or use it though in this view. It will show the stats for it, but that’s it. It works just fine in larger snapped view but I pretty much expected that.


The tile says it is live but nothing changes on it.


is one of the better image apps for Lock Screen or account pictures. This does technically allow you to create wallpapers, but you will have to set it yourself as such by going to the Windows 8 desktop settings. It has some knocks against it (odd submission method, no un-do if set lockscreen you didn’t want) but it hits most of the right buttons. It is also quite expensive to remove the ads, $5.99. If you might want to give it a whirl, even if just to see some nice HD images.


Category: Entertainment

Download size:  861 KB

Publisher: iZi Labs

Price: free ($5.99 to remove ads)


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4 comments on “Background Wallpapers HD
  1. voleheart says:

    it looks really great! those wallpapers look very nice. too bad i no longer have RTM

  2. Tarkus says:

    Best app I’ve found for downloading and setting apps for the lock screen is LockPic. Great images and easy to use.

  3. sekyal says:

    I’ve heard of it, hadn’t looked at it. Will have to check it out.

  4. Pny says:

    “Background Wallpapers HD” is really great and awesome. I like it so much… Metro style based, beautifull and HD Wallpapers for my Windows 8 PC =)

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