Popcorn Time

This cleverly titled app provides information on the movies but sadly no information on popcorn (last part in jest).

Popcorn Time – main screen with genres

This app does a good job providing you the current movies available right from the get-go. You can click “Categories” and choose “In Theaters” and “Upcoming”. As you’ll see in a moment it provides good information to help you decide what to see. You have an option for Genres which doesn’t seem to fit here. It isn’t for recent movies, it is for past movies. I’m glad it provides more than just recent movies, but the way it is set-up you might think the Genres button will pick from more recent movies.

When you get into genres the years continue to show you the movies by which year they come up, most recent first. It goes back several years but is not  all inclusive, still a nice collection. The quality of the graphics is excellent when viewing them in the smaller view.

Popcorn Time – genre

Popcorn Time – movie info

Now the meat of the app is the ability to find out about the movies you wish to see. Overall it has a terrific presentation. I like the movie reels separating each section and the way it is presented.  I’m not sure where it pulls the info from but in this case the cover/poster art shown isn’t very good quality. Most of the movies do have high quality images (at least the newer movies do and some just do not have good artwork). It is probably due to the source of the images, but overall very good.

Good information about the movie (director, when released, studio putting it out and budget). It also has a nice synopsis. Another oddity is the language says “en”. Most know that means English, but unsure why it isn’t able to spell it out. The trailer, of which you can see just a small portion of it in the screenshot, starts off at low quality but you can easily change it to high. The disappointment is the fact you cannot make it full screen. You have to go to YouTube to view it full screen.

Popcorn Time – more movie info

Keep scrolling to the right and you get cast pictures, well some of them. You can’t find out anymore about them. Then you’ll get review quotes from random locations and no ability to see the full review. Finally there is a section called “Movie Clips”. Only it isn’t clips, they are just still images. Clips makes it sound like scenes from the movie… that move.


Search – works well. I was able to successfully search by whole or partial movie titles. I could not return back to the main app (genres, categories) from search. I had to keep hitting the back button. You are unable to search within a specific genre. One time I searched for “ghost” and a movie with that title was showing right on the page and it didn’t work. I went away from that page, did the same search and boom, it worked. So clearly some problems there. Share – allows you to share with Twitter, Mail, People, Stumbleupon and others I am sure. People (Facebook) and Stumbleupon are nice to see working here as they don’t seem to show up for all apps. Settings – there are none.


Quite impressively this app works without fail in one-third snapped mode. You can access everything including genres easily. It doesn’t provide the ability to see the trailer, which I completely understand. One of the best implementations of snapped view for an app.


Just a simple small tile that isn’t live for this app. It isn’t necessary for every app to have a live tile and I don’t mind that this one doesn’t.


This provides an all-in-one option for finding out information about your favorite movies. It does it fairly well but I can’t help feeling it is missing something. Sure it has some graphical, but missing features like a way to find out where the movie is playing. I have to use another app. Cinemas is another app that can provide this information. It would be nice, if anything, that these apps talked to each other. Cinemas provides some movie info including a trailer along with what is playing where. Popcorn time provides more information with a better layout, it’s too bad apps can’t seem to talk to each other, except to share (at least I don’t think they can).

Despite it’s faults this is a great app and movie-lovers should find it helpful. Could it do more? Yes. I look forward to the developers bringing more features to the app in the future.


Category: Entertainment Download size: 1.45 MB Age rating: 12+ Publisher: Konvex Studios

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  1. Thank you for a very detailed review. it will help us to bring more quality in our app in the next release (which is expected soon).

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