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I’ve got a really fun app here, though I guess that is evident by the word “fun” in its title. Also it has “Photo” in the title so guess that gave it away as well. They even give the app

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If you have ever searched for a restaurant on-line you have probably come across Urbanspoon. It is a website that provides reviews and other details about restaurants. It can be very handy, especially for those restaurants that don’t have their

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This is a review of the app preview, the app has not seen an update to full status as of 10/22/12. There are also several “Engadget” apps available, but this one is officially from Engadget. Engadget is one of my

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Reckless Racing Ultimate

I had this game prepped for a review once before and it had disappeared from the Windows Store. It is now back so figure it is safe to put a review of it up. It is an Xbox Live game

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Updated Oct. 21 – I must say I passed over this app before because I saw the price and said who’s going to pay that for an app to view YouTube. I still wonder if YouTube releases a free app

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Do you like Mahjong? This game resembles mahjong in the matching aspect but that’s pretty much where it ends. TapTilesĀ is a collection of matching games, each with their own unique feature. At this time it only comes with two types.

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Windows 8 has had a few big name apps so far: Evernote, Fruit Ninja, Cut the Rope, Wikipedia, Kindle to name a few. I believe this is one of the biggest yet though to hit, Netflix. It is also at

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