Dr. Who Companion – mini review

Who doesn’t like Dr. Who? Well over on this side of the pond (United States) there are many who have not heard of the terrific sci-fi TV show from the BBC in England. I enjoyed it when younger watching the 4th Doctor (you should check up Wikipedia here if need a refresher on what the show is about) on PBS and at that time I had no idea it was a British show, just that people talked differently. I didn’t watch it again until the new one started up in 2005.

Along comes an app though to bring me Doctor Who information. It’s off to a good start, but it’s just that – a start. The author freely admits this to be the case as I wrote and asked about it. It should have full episode information with trailers and more character info, but lets look at it so far.

Dr Who Companion – main screen

One of the greatest thrills when opening this app is hearing the sound of the TARDIS (the Doctor’s time machine) playing as it loads. Nice touch and in fact one of the few times I’ve heard a sound play upon opening an app.

The primary focus for now is to give you an idea of how things will be laid out. No doubt the developer will fine tune things and I am eager to follow its progress. I might suggest instead of friends, it split into two sections, Companions (which is how they are typically described in the show) and Friend (not by choice) or something like that, with the Doctor getting his own section as well, since there have been 11 doctors so far.

A nice addition is that on most of the character(s) there is a short slogan of sorts relating to them. There are also several more characters included just not shown on the main page. Click on Friends or Enemies to see them.

Dr Who Companion – Character info

Each character(s) get an image and a brief article about them. I’m not sure of the source material but overall it works, just the images aren’t HD.

It works well in snapped mode and doesn’t use the charms at this time. It also does not utilize a live tile.

Keep a watch on this app, it is being worked on and hopefully will eventually provide lots of information for Doctor Who fans. Imagine that I got through a complete review of a British show without trying to mimic their phrasing. Jolly Good!  (oops!)


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