Do you like Mahjong? This game resembles mahjong in the matching aspect but that’s pretty much where it ends.

TapTiles – Main Screen

TapTiles is a collection of matching games, each with their own unique feature. At this time it only comes with two types. Dash asks you to complete as many puzzles as possible in the time frame given, Origins asks you to complete all the puzzles provided in the given amount of time. You can earn achievements to add to your Xbox Live gamertag just like any other Xbox Live game.

TapTiles – How to Play

Like other Xbox Live games TapTiles includes a visually guide to how to play. This important addition is what many other games lack. It might be true that some don’t read directions or some are so easy they don’t need them, but I find them handy.

TapTiles – Passage screen

As with all apps the focus is primarily on using the app with a touch interface. It does work well though with a mouse and keyboard working together. The idea being to match the blocks and remove them just like mahjong. The twist is since it is 3-dimentional you can rotate the tiles left or right to find matches. The more matches you can make quickly without turning them you earn more points.


The live tile will show high scores and achievements you’ve unlocked. Hopefully it will alert to the daily challenge as well.

TapTiles – Live Tile


It is a good game and provides a lot of variety, especially when you include that it (again like other Xbox Live games on Windows 8) has daily challenges. Interestingly it asked me to upgrade now for free when I tried to view the Achievements list, but it wasn’t able to complete that request. It’s a good pick up and play for a short while game with nice graphics and good controls. It will be interesting to see what type’s of challenges come along when Windows 8 goes live. Certainly have to say that Microsoft is putting out some high quality games for Windows 8, can’t say that’s the same for other apps they have created.


Category: Games > Puzzle      Download size: 208 MB       Publisher: Microsoft Studios


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3 comments on “TapTiles
  1. Dana Haskell says:

    My wife just scored 5,151,850 points with tap tiles for windows 8.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Taptiles has changed on my computer. It’s with xbox. It was running 5 games. Now it’s 3 games that only show to be played. I noticed some colors has changed. That’s ok but I can’t play the 5 games when there’s only three.

    • sekyal says:

      Apparently there are two versions available. Taptiles for Windows 10 and the Taptiles that is an Xbox related game. They both seem to have the same modes. I haven’t played this in quite some time. I don’t really see any difference, just the Windows 10 is newer.

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