Updated Oct. 21 – I must say I passed over this app before because I saw the price and said who’s going to pay that for an app to view YouTube. I still wonder if YouTube releases a free app if it will be “good enough” to bypass this app. It does state that the free app never expires and just has some ads, I can live with that. You can probably tell I liked it, but it does have some faults.

YouTube+ – main screen default

When you first open it and provide it access to your YouTube account (not that it is required for using it) you get the white background. I am pleased that it offers an alternative to make it darker (a re-start of the app is required). The rest of the screenshots are of the darker theme.

The images are really sharp and there is very little wasted space contrary to many apps who think less is more. This app balances the two very well.  One thing I miss here is my subscriptions do not show me what has been viewed already, a feature I find handy at the YouTube webpage. At the time of this writing there is another paid app that shows your subscriptions, but went with this one.

You’ll get access to categories as shown but only on the home screen, which isn’t too far away by hitting the back arrow or you can use the drop-down if already in a category. You have access to Trending and Popular besides Subscriptions from the main page, but other choices like Most Viewed and Highest Rated are in the category views.

YouTube+ – video details

Clicking on video causes it to start playing right away in the smaller screen above. Easy enough to make it full screen. With the right-click on it is difficult to see the thumbs up or down buttons plus sharing and download video buttons. An excellent display of views, video quality, “like bar” and related videos with ratings.  Quite a few options for the video are available when right-clicking but I really like how this is set up.

YouTube+ – comments

There is one area I don’t care for – comments. You’ll see the comments section above and while it does allow you to enter in your own comments and read others. The area to read each comment is rather small. I’d prefer if it removed the place to type comments and when you clicked on the plus sign it opened up a pop-up area or something else to type them in. I could think that would work better with an on-screen keyboard as well should someone use this on a tablet.

Now playing a video full screen is quite seamless  and gives you the same options if you right-click that appear on the details view. Just hovering your mouse will get the play/pause and other controls for the video playing itself in the center of the screen. Easily switch quality as well. Good setup.

YouTube+ – Search Results

Searching is excellent and fast. It may not give you all the options you get in a YouTube search but certainly the most used. I like how if you keep searching on the page it adds each search term. This feature only works using the built-in search box, not the Windows 8 search. You can return to a previous search by clicking on it. However, once I filled it up, there was no way to get to whatever went off-screen.  It did remember all the searches done like the screenshot when going into a video and back just not to the home screen, a minor inconvenience.


Search – already mentioned it has a built-in search button but if not on the main screen then the Windows 8 search will work quite well. If you wish to compare different results or have more than one search going on at a time, best to do it in the app itself. Share – easy access provided within the app to share. Clicking the button opens the charm for it or you can access when on the video details page or if the video is full screen. Strangely though when I tried to share it put the information for a video different from the one I was currently viewing. It was stuck on it even when I tried different videos. Settings – as mentioned it has 2 themes, you can choose the default quality settings (a big plus to me) and a few other options. Accessible by button in the app or going to the charms.


It will show your subscriptions and what is popular and trending and play videos in one-third view. What it doesn’t allow is comments, liking, sharing or descriptions or even search, nothing like that. Although if you do a search and then put the app in the one-third view, it has your search results. This could be very handy used together with the view in browser option, ah except it isn’t there when snapped. Most video apps are used full screen I believe, but still missing a slight bit of usefulness here.


The tile is not live, though I should think it could show most recent subscriptions perhaps.


I plan to use this app regularly for YouTube viewing as it works so well. Yes a few faults, but nothing that breaks it completely. The only question is whether it is worth my $2.99 to purchase it. I say this developer has worked hard to put together a quality app and I am planning to purchase it once Windows 8 is released and I have it installed on my desktop.


Category: Music & Video > Video            Download size:  571 KB               Age: 12+               Publisher: Farheen            Price: $2.99 (free non-expiring trial)


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2 comments on “YouTube+
  1. voleheart says:

    wow looks really cool! probably will get it (free version) since the other Youtube app wasn’t so good. I see it has a place to download vids? that is pretty awesome for music vids and all

    • sekyal says:

      Yes I agree that even the free version would be well worth it. Just won’t play videos in the background. YouVue can do that for music, but maybe this app will add that ability.

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