Reckless Racing Ultimate

I had this game prepped for a review once before and it had disappeared from the Windows Store. It is now back so figure it is safe to put a review of it up. It is an Xbox Live game meaning you can sign in with your gamertag from Xbox and track achievements, etc.

Reckless Racing Ultimate – initial screen and tutorial

Since I have not purchased the game, some parts of my review will be incomplete but still think I got a good feel for it. You get a brief tutorial to start things off so you can learn the game. As with most apps it is geared more towards touch in its presentation, but you quickly learn that Tap also means click.

The graphical style is a balance between cartooney and realistic. They are decent enough but clear that the focus should be on the experience not just on the graphics. It is a pretty full experience.

Reckless Racing Ultimate – race progress

When racing you can keep track of your progress and make tweaks to the car after each race. There is a whole drop drown on the right that gives you access to upgrades to spend your winnings on. Quite a lot of options for each car and you can eventually purchase more cars as well. Three different ways are provided to control the vehicle (touch, keyboard/mouse and game controller). It does not let you re-map the keys but it does give you two choices. Typical WASD or arrow keys. If you have a tablet, it provides 4 different touch set-ups which the ability to see them on-screen and make adjustments on the fly. You can use a USB Xbox360 controller as well for more fine control.

Reckless Racing Ultimate – Start Race

As you can see the racing action is an overhead view. You race against other players, but in the trial they are fake. With the full version you can play against others on Xbox Live and earn achievements. I don’t mind the top-down view but as you drive around, you are not always behind your vehicle in the default view. Good thing in the options you can choose “Chase Camera” and always be behind your vehicle.

It does control very well and I found myself winning (though came in 2nd on my last race). It has decent sound and graphics. For those who struggle with proper racing lines, there is even a line that will show you the best route to get around the course (and you can turn it off if you prefer).


It has other options like Arcade and Career modes so is a well-rounded game. The live tile will apprise you of your current progress as well.  I think more people will enjoy this one on a tablet rather than a desktop/laptop. I guess it makes sense since it is made for that environment anyway. Overall a good title that will keep racing fans happy – at least if they don’t mind this style of racing.


 Category: Games > Racing       Download size: 304 MB          Publisher: Microsoft Studios           Price: $9.99 (free trial available)

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4 comments on “Reckless Racing Ultimate
  1. Racing Addict! says:

    Thanks for the review. If it helps you can actually set the game to use a “Follow Cam” in the options menu if you’re having problems with the perspective shift

  2. Fredrik says:

    In the options you can select Chase cam to keep the camera fixed behind the car.

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