If you have ever searched for a restaurant on-line you have probably come across Urbanspoon. It is a website that provides reviews and other details about restaurants. It can be very handy, especially for those restaurants that don’t have their own website.

Urbanspoon – initial view

This app will ask for your location and it is rather important especially if you are looking for something local. Initially it opens with restaurants nearest to you. My location isn’t exact to what is shown, but you can move that dot around if needed. By right-clicking you can choose to sort the list by distance, alphabetically, rating, price and show only a specific cuisine. A clear presentation and a lot of helpful information on one screen. The map is available in bird’s-eye or aerial view as well if you prefer it. The aerial view is shown in an image near the end of the review.

Urbanspoon – restaurant details

Clicking on a restaurant you’ll get the information available for it. You can vote for it yourself, but can see also how many and the percentage of “likes” each restaurant has. Contact information, some photos of food, hours open and reviews (not critic reviews but diners). Some things like the hours or photos were not present for all restaurants. While the information provided was pretty good, I wish the hours were more specific. I also wish there were menus, but seeing as how these are local restaurants for the most part, it is unlikely that type of information would be available.

The presence of reviews and likes is one of the main reasons why someone might use Urbanspoon. It can give you some idea whether you might enjoy dining there as well. Imagine the days in the past when you had to go to a restaurant and try the food or find out from neighbors who ate there what the experience as like. Now its cloud-sourced and you can get the answer at your fingertips. I am disappointed that there is no way to log into the app or add your own reviews.

Urbanspoon – search


Search – the search works quite well and is quick. Above I searched for greek first and then was going to look for Chinese. You can also search by the name of the store, or partial name. The only fault I have with Search is you can’t specific any thing like distance or price before searching, you must do it after the search. Share – if you have a favorite restaurant you can share it Mail or Twitter. I’m surprised not People (Facebook). Settings – there are no settings available.


In the one-third view it works fairly well, you don’t get the map but you get access to nearly everything. The right-click still shows the sorting options, however the sorting doesn’t work. Unfortunate because if that worked, the snapped view would be just fine, but since its broken there, it limits the ability to use it effectively snapped.


I am unsure of how well this live tile works. I tried visiting many restaurants and yet it always stayed the same. The restaurant it insisted on showing me I don’t recall even visiting. I am showing the image tile, but it switches to a text tile which in this case states Your Pizza Shop @ Your Pizza Shop. It doesn’t make sense. The place is called “Your Pizza Shop” but the @ reference is the odd thing. Again I couldn’t get it to change during my time using the app. At least you can clearly see the icon for the app.

Urbanspoon – live tile


Urbanspoon is quite a good resource and this app is a great beginning to providing access to that resource. There seems to be a few little bugs with it and I really wish you could connect with it to add reviews. It is an early release for a fairly well-known entity, so one can only hope it will be refined in time. Still worth using, just could be better.


 Category: Food & Dining    Download size: 3.76 MB      Age rating: 12+    Publisher: Urbanspoon



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