I’ve got a really fun app here, though I guess that is evident by the word “fun” in its title. Also it has “Photo” in the title so guess that gave it away as well. They even give the app away, and as you’ll see its a steal.

Photofunia – main screen

It is a specialized effects laden photo manipulator app. New ones are appearing regularly. It is very easy to use, not much to figure out. You do have to get used to see the same non-smiling woman though in most of the images.

Photofunia – nearly 300 effects

It packs nearly 300 effects with quite a bit of variety. Celebrities, Billboards, Posters, Books and Vintage are just a few of the categories. The view seen above is just a jumble of all the effects. There is a Faces category but almost all of the effects use one or more faces.

Photofunia – effects details

You are presented with details about the effect after you choose one. It will show boxes on the right with all the options, whether needing more than one picture or any color or graphical options. You get helpful examples of it being used with more than just the one model and any effects that might be related. If you like an effect enough you also can choose to favorite or go all the way and pin it to the Start Screen. When selecting an image you will be able to select the person in the photo you want, plus resize it some. It is made for faces but I tried a non-face and it worked, but not as interesting.

Photofunia – view result and save

Once you have what you want, you are presented with a larger image which you can alter the size of if needed (not all have this option. It only saves the photo in JPG format but that is a common format so easily shared.


Search – it works great though unless you know the names of the effects not likely to be much use to you. Share – as mentioned it shares quite well with Twitter, Mail and other apps. No sharing with the People (Facebook) app. Seems many apps don’t support it, which is too bad. Devices – if you wish to print or show on another screen. Settings – none.


There is no functionality that I could see lost in one-third view which is a testament to good design.


It has a live tile though not sure if it’s really needed. As seen below it will show effects you have accessed recently.

Photofunia – live tile


Quite a fun app to use as part of gifts, to create cards or just to mess with someone. As seen above you could even make one page calendars! For something that is free to do this so easily is welcome. It could use more format support and a little better sharing. Another nice addition would be to be able to change the background behind people (that might be more than a free app can offer).  I can’t say I’ll be using this every day, but certainly from time to time.


Category: Photo  Download size: 721 KB Age rating: 12+ Publisher: Capsule Digital


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4 comments on “Photofunia
  1. Alex says:

    The live tile is actually showing the latest effects(s) added to their library.

    • sekyal says:

      Thanks for the input. Maybe it does by default or else the one I had last used was a recent one.

      • Tarkus says:

        Yeah, it shows the latest effects, along with the number (if any) of how many new ones since you last opened the app.

        This is really a great app. Very well made and lots of fun. Pretty fast too, for what it does.

  2. samiya says:


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