I’ve already reviewed a Craigslist app here, but this one might just top it. I have not been a regular user of Craigslist, but with apps like this, it makes it so much easier to use the site.

Craigslist+ – main screen

The initial view is a bit stark (the searches and favorite don’t exist). It will ask you for your location or you can manually set that up. The column of categories could be more graphically interesting I do like how it attempts to keep everything on one screen. You are limited to 3 favorites and 3 searches in this free version. It says to upgrade to Craigslist Pro but I do not see it in the store or within the app. The separate search box (instead of using the charms) allows you to only search within specific categories.

Craigslist+ – search

Searching will search not only the title but the text within the post. So even though I searched for cats, dogs showed up who are good with cats. The results are no different from the website, BUT you get images as well if they are available. This instantly improves the search experience and it loads quickly.

Craigslist+ – listing with right-click, filter

If you want to narrow your search down, each section has filters related to it. You can either access the filter by right-clicking or the same option is available in the drop-down just under the location in the upper left. Nearly all the options from the website exist to make your search easy. This view provides a short description from the post with small images but you can click the option in the upper right to choose large images.  It is when you click on an item I felt this app most excelled.

Craigslist+ – alternate views

There are two possible views for seeing the details of a post. The view above will keep the listing of items to the left in a scrollable column while you view the post to the right. The alternative is to just view the post full screen and you can easily get to the next or previous post with hover arrows (similar to how Internet Explorer does forward/back). It is a joy to use it either way and great to have that option.

Craigslist+ – map

You get several options when you right-click. You can favorite, see the original post in a browser (not sure why you need to do that), flag the item (inappropriate, wrong category, best of craigslist), reply to the post and map it. You can reply as well by clicking on the link for the email at the top but its the map that I really liked. Using Bing Maps (doesn’t open separate app) it will plot where the item or items (can do with search results) are located. With multiple items you can click on each pin to see it briefly, then click on the information to see the full post. If you want items close by this can be a great way to search. It’s a shame though it doesn’t provide directions or even the ability to link with the Map app to do it.


Search – as explained it has built-in search and I think that is more useful from the main screen, but once in a category using the charm makes a lot of sense. Share – You can share specific posts via Twitter, Facebook, Stumbleupon and Mail type apps. It all depends on how the app implements it as to whether it shows an image or not. Settings – there is a help link for a demo of the app in use that could be helpful if you are struggling using it. The most important setting though is “Adult Control”. I got shocked with the other Craigslist app I reviewed as it was on by default (no way to turn it off). This is welcome, you will only see personals if you want to see personals (which can often be R or X-rated).


It is well thought out in snapped one-third view. Just about everything is accessible (no maps for instance but that’s understandable). The posts are readable but things do get cut-off. I don’t know if its possible, but if using it in snap view it would be better of everything opened in the browser. You could keep it there and use the app together with the website.


The tile is not live, and I don’t mind that one bit.


This app does nearly everything right. Yes the initial screen is a little boring, but how long do you spend on it really? If anything Craigslist is “boring” since it is just a text site until you get into the posts. The options and the screen layout this app provides are well thought out. Aside from a minor misstep on being able to get directions it does what you need and does it well.  I think didn’t touch on some aspects like sub-categories of the each section, most of them are there. I don’t know how much the paid version is since it is not available, but unless you are a heavy user of Craigslist, the free version will do you just fine.


Category: Lifestyle    Download size: 4.21 MB    Age: 16+     
                                    Publisher: Yanflex



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