Format Converter X

A file converter can be very helpful if you have devices that only support a certain kind of format for music or video. This app can do that in the Modern Interface. It is may not do every format, but it certainly can handle the important ones.

Format Converter X – video convert

The initial screen is what you see above without the “My Conversions”. Simply click on one of the file-types you wish to convert to and it will bring up a window to select that file. Aside from a preference to have the video and audio file types separated, this is a fine setup. Perhaps in the future it will support more formats but certainly these are the more popular. As I mentioned in the opening it can convert many types, according to its listing “MP4, MP3, WMV, WMA, AAC, AVI, MPG, MPEG, MOV, WAV, M4V, M4A, AC3, PCM” are all types it can convert “from”.

I tried initially to convert an “AVI” file which is supported but I got an error. I know AVI is one that can have different types of it, so perhaps it doesn’t totally support each format. I did have success converting the M4V as seen above. It was fairly quick. You can see there are options to choose quality, where to save it and if you picked the wrong format, to choose a different one.

Format Converter X – multi convert music

Not only can you convert music files but you can do more than one file (you can do this with video as well). I like how each conversion shows you a little screenshot of the video or album cover, it helps provide a little reminder as to what the item is. Again you get to choose the quality and can pick different choices for each file of any of the 3 choices given.

Format Converter X – notifications

Finally you will get notifications when the conversion is complete which means you can do whatever else you want while it does its thing.


This app does not share or search which isn’t expected with this type of tool. The settings only has a choice for Removing the advertising. I wish there was an option to choice default path for saving each file type and default quality. It defaults to these things but you don’t have a choice.


It works in snapped except when you first run the app. All it showed for me were ads in snapped mode, I could not get choices for files. Once I added a file though it appears in the snapped view. I doubt thought you will need to use this app in snapped view unless you are doing a ton of conversions at once.


No need for a live tile.


This app does a good job (might be spotty for some file types (AVI)) converting files quickly and relatively easily. I do wish there were some more settings and separation of file types (audio vs. video). I hope to see more files supported in the future but if you need to convert your music and video files often, this just might be the app for you. You can also use it comfortably with ads if you wish, but it will cost $1.49 to remove them.


             Category: Music & Video              Download size: 697 KB      Age: 12+
                                                          Publisher: Lovo Apps

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6 comments on “Format Converter X
  1. kurt says:

    Thanks for reviewing this app. I downloaded it last night before going to bed saying “ill probably never use it since i have adobe audition 3” but today i unexpectedly ended up needing to convert mp4s to mp3s which adobe audition can’t do but Converter X can 🙂 thanks again!

  2. Do you know which MP3 encoder it uses? LAME? Fraunhoffer? I’m looking for an encoder using Fraunhoffer and don’t want iTunes or WMP.

  3. Hey Admin says:

    Is there a maximum number of files it can convert at once? I purchased it and the best I could do is 6. If I try to start a conversion of more than that, it gives an invalid conversion type error.

    • sekyal says:

      Thanks for checking out my defunct pages. It would be better to try to email the developer of the app. I reviewed it but don’t use it very often. If you got it to 6, evidently that is a limitation of the app. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

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