This is an updated review of the previous look at this app during the Release Preview (link).

Stumbleupon is something most everyone has either used or heard about it. If you haven’t, well read on and learn.

I have used this for years initially in the Firefox browser, but now in Chrome. It is also available as an extension or app (or from website) for just about everything;  iPhone, Android, IE, Safari, and Opera. Stumbleupon is a discovery engine for the web. You can stumble without signing up, however if you sign up you will be able to choose your interests so that only things you might be interested in show up when you “stumble” (hit random site). You can also choose to search within only one interest if you wish, or only videos for example. Liking places you stumble upon helps tailor the hits to you and you can also share sites you like with Stumbleupon for others to visit. Ok enough background, now the app.

Stumbleupon – initial screen

Opening the app you get a nice animation as it loads random tiles from your interests.  You can jump right into one if you find it interesting just by clicking on it. As you scroll to the right you’ll get three Trending posts, 3 Activity posts and your 6 most recent likes. Oddly you cannot click on the titles to get more of those listings. You are severely limited here though you can view your likes another way.

Since this app is for stumbling, lets stumble. Umm, where is the stumble button? Oh its hidden. Yes you have to right-click to make the stumble button appear. I really wish there was a way for it to be visible by default.

Stumbleupon – stumbling

When you “stumble”, the bars above and below stay there, which does provide relief from having to right-click once again. However, if you click inside the window to view the page more fully, the bars drop away. You can see above you have options to either like the page or give it a thumbs down. This will affect what pages you get in the future. The page title and interest it falls under are displayed at the top of the screen. You can easily choose to go “Home” or choose a specific interest using the drop down at the upper left.

It stumbles very quickly, and even plays Flash, which wasn’t working before. You can do many of things you can with the browser version except comment or add to a specific list. You also have no ability to edit or use your profile in this app.

Stumbleupon – editing interests

At least you can edit your interests and there are certainly lots of choices. The popular ones are above and what I have chosen of those, but scroll to the right and you’ll get an alphabetical listing of them all. You cannot search for interests, that defaults to stumbling.

Stumbleupon – search


Search – as shown above you can search for a particular subject (whether listed in the interests or not) and it will stumble with that interest. You cannot save the search as an interest which is disappointing (though it does stay in your search terms). Share – shown below, you can use the charm to share to stumbleupon from your browser to the app sites you enjoy. Or you can share within the app to other services. Rather than use the actual URL it makes it a stumbleupon one, but still works quite well. Devices – you cannot print from the app (not sure about other devices), but can from the browser. Settings – no settings, except for logging in/out.

Stumbleupon – sharing


When you snap it to one-third view you’ll get a selection of your most recent stumbles but that’s it. If you click on one it will open the app full-screen. This is not an app you will use snapped.


The live tile is nicely done. Mine rotates 4 different stories, random posts from my interests. It is easily readable and provides decent information. It does not provide a live tile in the smaller tile version.

Stumbleupon – live tile


While this app does a fairly decent job of stumbling, it has its fault. You cannot access everything you can from a web-based browser, you cannot save interest searches and it is limited in views of Activity, Trending and Likes. You are supposed to be able to view all your likes, but it crashed on me or kept loading and I gave up (so I say it doesn’t work to see all your likes).

Stumbleupon – in IE10 Modern

The real nail in the coffin for this app is that I enjoyed using Stumbleupon in the IE10 Modern browser far more. It had all the options including using the charms. It might not be useful for touch, and you can’t do plug-ins/extensions with IE10 Modern. What I suggest it is to morph into an app that is made to be snapped (like Xmarks). Use the app to hit a stumble button and show the results in the browser. All the other stumble specific connections can be in the snapped view. There is no need to duplicate the browsing, it is awkward and not as useful. Change to a snapped app and you’ll have a winner here.

I rated it much higher the first time, but I’ve had more time on Windows 8 now and so has changed my view of this app.


        Category: Entertainment           Download size: 4.30 MB       Age: 12+
                                                                 Publisher: Stumbleupon, Inc.



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