This is an app from a well-known name in cooking and recipes. While important to see what this app contains, I have not and will not be able to cook any of the food. It isn’t that some don’t sound delicious, but I am not a good cook.

Epicurious – main screen

The app greets with some delicious looking food choices with ratings. One main featured dish but easy access to several categories. You can also choose to search with the link in the upper left or right-click and find the button. Why it provides two ways to search and doesn’t use the built-in charm is strange (though they open the charm). There is also a hidden favorite button when you right-click here, seems unnecessary. Just scroll to the right to find that, and a recently viewed list.

Epicurious – browsing recipes

All the recipes are in various categories to help you choose what you wish to make. You can easily jump to a different category *33 in all) with the drop arrow after “Healthy Breakfasts” . You get options to sort alphabetically, most recent, rating and if have a photo. Personally I’m not crazy about the ones not showing a photo, so this a helpful choice. You can only choose one sort method at a time. I also could not find an easy way to get back to the main (home) screen. I dislike having to click back several times in any app.

Epicurious – recipe info

It is very clear to view the recipe information. Rating, preparation time, healthy considerations and other notes about the dish are included in the overview. You get an ingredient list and preparation instructions. If you need help in preparation, this is not the app for you, you need to have some knowledge of cooking methods with this app.

Lastly it contains any reviews for this recipe. The reviews not only offer insight into preparation or how the dish turned out for them, but some interesting tips for altering the recipe to suit your own tastes. You cannot add your own reviews, which is a shame. Still the presentation of the recipes is quick good and easy on the eyes.


Search – curious why there are two methods on-screen to launch it when they aren’t needed (too much hand-holding). That said, the search is terrific. I tried search for several items in a recipe and it gave me all the recipes with those items. Share – it can share with any app you have for Facebook, Twitter, Mail, Stumbleupon, etc. basically providing a link to the website for that recipe. Settings – there are none.


The app adjusts just fine in snapped mode. Everything is accessible in any view and readable. Nicely incorporated.


It does have a live tile as shown below that rotates between a few recipes with images. I don’t think a cookbook type app needs a live tile, but of course if you feel that way as well, you can simply turn it off.


The app provides you with well over a 1000 recipes to start with and will keep adding new ones. There are a couple perplexing choices for navigation but overall it works, though a bit slow to load pages sometimes. While I wish all of the dishes had images, it doesn’t make it a bad app. I do wish you could add your own reviews and ratings. If you want some of the best recipes around from some of the most well-known sources, this app might just do it for you.


         Category: Food & Dining            Download size: 3.97 MB       Age: 7+
                                                                  Publisher: Conde Nast



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