YouTube is one of the most common services that people have created apps for and this one looks to be…prime.

PrimeTube – main screen

A clean, Modern-styled interface greets you with no clutter aside from the ad at the bottom, which I’m fine with on a free app. Of course you have to sign-in first for it to show your subscriptions and to get the most use out of the app. It shows popular and trending choices as well in this initial view. I like though how it provides quick links to your settings, playlists, uploads, favorites, watch later and recently watched. Settings are for the app itself which doesn’t need its own icon, but does help with the symmetry of the icons. There is also a search icon in the upper left, which is hand-holding for the Modern interface I wish app developers left off. Force users to learn to use the charms.

PrimeTube – all categories

Clicking on the Popular or Trending sections will get you an all categories view with the choice you made highlighted in the upper right. I like the interface here to provide not only quick switching to Top Rated (aka Trending), buttons for how recent videos are and a drop down to drill down to a specific category. It loads very quickly but there is a limit on how many videos show (over 30) in the first three time-frames, All Time takes a lot longer to load, in fact I waited 5 minutes and it didn’t load.

PrimeTube – video/comments

What really impressed me was the animations that happen quickly when you switch modes. It is clear some developers are figuring out how to program for Windows 8 apps and this app is not only snazzy in that area, but it doesn’t interfere with its usability.  You get a simplified YouTube page when viewing videos initially with easy access to the main features you probably need including commenting. The subscribe/unsubscribe button is under the section for More Videos from this person. This view really is what impressed me the most, how concise it is.

PrimeTube – overlay

You can of course do full-screen and it is seamless but one area where the app falters. You have to click on the small video to get this option (hover mouse doesn’t work) and likewise have to click ON the video to make the overlay appear. Just an extra click I shouldn’t have to make. It also makes it less discoverable when it isn’t obvious you can make it full-screen. This app is limited to your options when full screen, but my other favorite YouTube provides several options there.

The videos play quickly though and I had no issues with the quality. It did everything I expected though I didn’t try to upload a video ( I don’t really make any).

PrimeTube – search


Search – this was most disappointing, you could search alright, but you can’t change anything about it. It just shows the most popular tracks or playlists. I can’t choose most recent (I use this a lot) or any other basic search filtering methods. It is unlimited scroll for results, but still I want filtering. Share – it will share with any app you have for sharing providing a screenshot and link to the video in question. Settings – a couple of settings for quality, data monitoring alert, language and location. I wish you could clear the number of subscriptions you have to view (if you don’t view them it stays the same on the tile/lock screen.


In the one-third view this app is gets the job done with a nicely altered view. You can’t access everything you can in full-screen but enough of it. You get the same flashy animations as well. I can’t see watching videos that small, but if you want to, you certainly can.


As mentioned above the live tile shows you how many subscriptions you have to view (it also takes advantage of the lock screen to show that number there if you wish).  Even though I watched videos, the number didn’t change, only went up as more videos were added. It does have a nice collage of trending/popular videos but not subscriptions and it is a static live tile (only one flip).

PrimeTube – live tile


I rather enjoyed the animations and setup of the app even if sometimes it went against conventions (a red X to close the windows in it, rather than a back arrow which is how it is normally done for Modern UI). I would prefer search would refine the results and it wasn’t as much clicking to move between full-screen and normal view. I wish YouTube apps would provide a way to mark which subscription videos you have seen but the ones I have tried, including this one, do not do that. Despite those few faults, this is my new best friend for my subscribed YouTube videos. If you do a lot of searching though, this app isn’t for you.


        Category: Music & Video > Video          Download size: 2.25 MB       Age: 12+
                                                                 Publisher: APP LYF



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