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There have been several logo quizzes appearing everywhere and I had not tried any until now. I just didn’t see the lure of it and frankly not sure I see the lure after playing them. I tried two and figured I’d combine them into one review. If you don’t know what a Logo Quiz is, it is a game where you guess the logos of your favorite and maybe not so favorite brands. I tried 3D Logo Quiz and Logos Quiz 8.

3D Logo Quiz

3D Logo Quiz – game board

The look of this game is incredible, the 3D is really nice. It clear a lot of effort went into it. Each level is 35 logos to answer as you correctly answer one, you’ll get a checkmark there. I’m not sure if it was on purpose but the “Facebook” one could give one thoughts to another word instead that is not family friendly.

3D Logo Quiz – correct!

You click on a logo to answer it and can type in your answer but do have to click in the box to do so (a tad annoying, it should be prepared for typing right away). You get hints which cost you coin and you can choose to resolve it for even more coin. I admit I was quite stuck on a few of them and soon used too many hints to continue. You need 300 coins to open the next level. If I want to continue playing I need to buy more coins for as low as $1.49 for 500. You can get “free” coins by rating the app and liking them on Facebook (50 coins each).

If can also reset your progress if you have done like me and not doing enough to pass the first time. I like having that there. Not only does it provide information about the companies you get it right, but the hints are about the company as well, helpful and informative. The design of this app is outstanding and if you enjoy this type of challenge, it is a worthwhile app, but what about the other one?

Logos Quiz 8

Logos Quiz 8 – level screen

Here you also have logos grouped into levels but the graphics are more or less simplified (not to suggest they are bad). They are still great just not the wild 3D look. I think the logos have more rows depending upon your screen resolution, but just a bit too much scrolling in this view. However when you get to playing you use hover left/right (or arrow keys) to scroll through each option. As you can see as you get them right the logos fade (the one left brighter I hadn’t guessed yet).

Logos Quiz 8 - answering page

Logos Quiz 8 – answering page

The graphics hold their own much more when you see them to answer. Pleasantly you can type right away, no clicking necesary. You get more than one hint available here but you have to earn them, there are no “coins”. The more you solve correctly and quickly earn those stars, the more hints and resolves you can get.

The Logos Quiz 8 app though does include the use of the Snap feature and allows you to play the game that way, very nice to include it. I should add here the hints are not very helpful, just the number of words and letters. It also provides a few specialized sections, such as sports logos and video games or movies. Nice variations.


Both games have their plusses and minuses.

3D Logo Quiz

pluses: graphics, great hints

minuses: payment (would rather pay to remove ads and get more levels than only remove ads but still have to pay for more levels), only 200 logos but more to come

Logos Quiz 8

pluses: totally free (can pay to remove ads or get more hints/resolves), snap implementation, 980 logos (larger download)

minuses:needs better information for progress towards opening new levels

You can’t go wrong with either game. They both are challenging. The edge, but only slightly, goes to 3D Logo Quiz for its better hint system. You may find another logo quiz you enjoy 11 other Logo type games in the Windows Store at this very moment. I only tried these two but a couple of others seem very good as well.


3D Logo Quiz

Logos Quiz 8

    Category:Games > Puzzle               Download size:34.2 MB         Age:12+
    Publisher:Nigma Lab           Price: free (remove ads and buy virtual coin $1.49 to $4.99)
     Category:Games > Puzzle                  Download size:77.7 MB         Age:3+
    Publisher:Mantis Studio      Price: free (remove ads $1,99 up to buy unlimited resolves $4.99)

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7 comments on “Logos Quizzes
  1. chanhpomme says:


    I’m the lead programmer of Logos Quiz 8.

    It’s nice to see our game in a review.
    I think you described the game well, but I also think that you missed some nice features of the game.

    When you are in the logo page, you don’t have to click in the input box, just start typing, and it will do. You can also use left/right on your keyboard to navigate through logos. The game also fully optimized for tablet, is support swiping gestures, and portrait orientation.

    I think you forgot to mention that Logos Quiz 8 is a also a Full sports quiz, with all the logos of the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, and the European soccer league.

    We are going to remove the label “Close” when you guessed a logo, and the multiplayer is coming soon.

    Don’t forget to update your review as we are updating our game 😉

    Thanks for reviewing the game.


    • sekyal says:

      Thank you for the information.
      Yes I will update about the typing (I had played the other one first and maybe got used to having to click.)
      > I don’t have a tablet so can’t review that portion of an app.
      >I did leave off the full sports section but can add that in.

  2. chanhpomme says:

    We just updated logos quiz 8.
    There are two more levels, “video games” and “movies”.
    The “close” label had been removed.

    The Mantis Studio.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been playing Logo Quiz 8 for months now, and I am completely stuck. Where can I go online for help figure out the logos?

    • sekyal says:

      I haven’t played it for awhile, but when I was struggling I tried doing a search. I usually had some guess as to what it might be and sometimes searching through images would find it. Like for Hyundai which is a stylized H, I would search for “H logo” and look through results. Best I can do to help you.

  4. Patsy says:

    the is very hard can u help me out😁🍖

    • sekyal says:

      I’m not particularly good at these games. I used a web search to try to find some though not easy to get a short description of some. There are also some images that give bunches of logos if you search for just logos and that might prove helpful.

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