This app is a unique take on a puzzle game, at least for me. There may be others that it is similar to but if anything the presentation is most definitely unique.

ilomilo - start screen

ilomilo – start screen

“ilomilo” is the story of two friends (ilo and milo) who somehow keep getting separated and need your help to meet up again. You guide them through a three-dimensional world full of cubes. You can walk on any side of the cube and move cubes around. You control each character separately and can switch between them to complete the puzzle. Clearly some thought was given to this release as the start screen rotates between saying “click to start”, “touch to start” and “press (enter symbol) to start”. I like the use of the keyboard symbols as well.

ilomilo - game screen

ilomilo – game screen

As you can see above the artistic approach is outstanding. I really pulls you into the world and is a feast for the eyes. It gives the feeling of depth and 3D without the need for glasses. The controls are explained in the same cute style to orient you to understanding the game. Some cubes you can pick up, including  little creatures called Safka to find in each level, plus memory fragments to help unlock ilo and milo’s memories.

The help provided in this game is outstanding, it keeps the graphical style but also clearly shows keys, etc. I used the keyboard (it supports gamepad and touch as well) and got used to the controls quickly. The music playing in the background isn’t distracting and the sound effects while not plentiful accent the gameplay just enough.

ilomilo - level screen

ilomilo – level screen

As you complete each puzzle you will progress through a level (chapter) opening up a bonus puzzle by finding all the Safkas for that level. You get new memory pieces as you collect enough memory fragments that interrupt the story but help you complete a part of the story. You can also collect records to unlock beautiful songs, but this ability is not in the trial version. There is also a multiplayer component where two people can play, each controlling only one character (not sure how this works as only had one type of control available). Finally there is an unlockable mini game that isn’t unlockable in the trial.

ilomilo - success

ilomilo – success


The trial is fairly easy though the last puzzles will get you thinking. You can change the graphic quality (though I didn’t notice much difference between the default medium, and high) , camera and sound options are provided as well. There are 74 puzzles, 6 chapters each with their own theme, several things to collect and a mini-game called the “ilo shuffle”. I enjoyed my short time with it. It is a bit higher priced than most games, but the quality of the presentation should make it worth your while.

It is an Xbox Live as well so you can get achievements towards your gamescore, though not with the trial. Top-notch game.



   Category: Games > Puzzle       Download size: 225 MB   Publisher: Microsoft Studios
                                                       Price: free trial ($6.99)


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