Amazon released a pretty basic app during the preview period of Windows 8 and the Kindle app has been available for quite some time. Now we have a full-blown store app, how does it stack up?

Amazon - main screen

Amazon – main screen

The opening screen is obviously designed to suggest items they want you to buy. It is not designed exactly like every other store, so it is refreshing yet still in the Modern UI style.  You can easy access to Recommendations, What others are looking at and 4 popular categories. I wish you could select which ones show as Watches is showing and I have no interest in one. By the way I have signed in, you will get a more generic presentation if not signed in. The last section invites you to explore Amazon on the web, seems out-of-place since you are using app, don’t you want to stay in the app? You would use the web if that is what you wanted to do.

Amazon - search

Amazon – search

You will probably find your item by searching. It is what I usually do at Amazon’s website and it works well here with a built-in search bar clearly available. The drop-down to refine your search is ingenious. It may look at first like it only sorts by category, but click on a category and you get more refined choices right away, no waiting for a screen refresh. It refreshes but keeps the drop-down open. You can keep refining your search easily, however I couldn’t select more than one choice in each category. Overall pretty satisfied with the way it worked.

Each item is show as you’d expect from Amazon with description, pricing, related items, reviews, etc. It opens in a window in front of where you are in the app, so you don’t have to worry about going back. Just close it to return and keep shopping. It isn’t just copied from the code for the website, it is made more touch friendly and fits the interface. You can tell attention was given to presentation. One thing it does not have is One-Click purchasing.

Amazon - music

Amazon – music

One area I was impressed with it is the ability to play music within the app. You can try out music the same as you can at the website, unfortunately Amazon does not allow purchasing MP3s within the app currently (so guessing it will eventually). I was still impressed it had this function available.

You can make all purchases and access your account from within the app. There is little reason to go to the website, though if you prefer browsing through categories you might enjoy the website more at this time. Searching for specific items though, this hits the mark.

Amazon - share

Amazon – sharej


Search – shown already within app but you can just as easily use the search charm, whether in the app or not to bring it up with your search results. Share – as shown above, share is active, but doesn’t quite work right. The initial image that shows does not match what you want to share, though the description and link do. You can scroll through the images to find the right one, but that can take some extra time to do, you shouldn’t need to. Settings – just one setting to change your country as login and account info is taken care of within the app.


When snapped in one-third view the app can search and refine that search and get a manageable list of items. When you click on an item though it opens it in your web browser. Perfect implementation since if you are snapping it, you can bring up the webpage to view each time as you go.


In the short time I have used it, there is no live tile action. It indicates it is a live tile, but maybe just haven’t had it long enough to generate information there.


You would expect a powerhouse like Amazon to deliver a quality app and I would say they have done it. It should have easy access to categories for browsing rather than just searching, but I find it quite pleasing an app to use. Other shopping apps might include Amazon, but usually limited in some way and displayed the same as webpage. I use a desktop but it appears very friendly to touch and highly recommend this app.



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