Sports Illustrated

Sports Illustrated has been around as a magazine since 1954 and as with most magazines it is developing an online presence so makes sense to have a Windows 8 app.

SI - main screen with right-click

SI – main screen with right-click

The focus here is on articles, but there are plenty of extras as well. The initial view gives you 3 featured stories, but if you had closed the app with a different sport chosen, you’ll start again at that sport when you re-open the app. You can see scores are available by scrolling to the left. To get more information here you’ll click on them and be taken to the website. Other than that, most of the content stays within the app. You have limited choices on sports but that may change later as some sports are not really in season like Tennis and Golf.

SI - more than one sport

SI – more than one sport

A neat little trick I found was you can have more than one sport combined into the view. I have NCAA Football with Soccer above, but you’ll get all those stories together for whatever you combine. You should be aware that Soccer is really “Futbol”, there is nothing contained for Major League Soccer (it seems every sports app has no care for it – not that I watch it either but someone must).

SI - article view

SI – article view

The articles have a pretty standard view with one image and the rest text. Of course Sports Illustrated is known for their articles. You can easily scroll between them all the stories in a particular section such as Top Stories shown above. It makes it easy to navigate and the ever-present back button means you are never far from home.

SI - Photo Galleries

SI – Photo Galleries

A whole section is dedicated to Photo Galleries. As with the articles you can easily scroll between each gallery without going back to the main page. You can choose to see a description of the photo with a plus sign, minus to make it go away. Only disappointing thing was I couldn’t make the photos full screen.

SI - Videos

SI – Videos

Since it is a digital platform now, this “magazine” also includes videos. They load quickly, but then again they should as they are not high quality. You notice it more when you make them full screen. I enjoy the layout and being able to just scroll through the list. As the number of videos increases though it will need better navigation to get the other ones. This holds true for the Photo Galleries as well.


The only support is for Share and the support is weak. Since the articles, photos and videos all flow together you have to right-click on one to share it. You’ll get this red bar with a check mark across it on top of what you are choosing to share. In the Share Charm, you can only share with Mail.


If snapping to one-third view the whole app is accessible. It nicely adjusts itself to fit into a smaller space. It maintains the flow from one article to the next and you even get a smaller sport choose at the bottom.


The tile is not live and only available in a small.


Is this the best sports app? No. Is it a good one. Yes. It delivers the main sports in an easy to access manner with limited coverage. You get access to current scores and photos and videos. A little letdown that the photos can’t go full screen and the videos are not better quality. It doesn’t quite bring the luster of the magazine to the digital masses, but it is capable enough considering the app is free and you pay for the magazine. I doubt we’ll get access to the swimsuit edition digitally though.




Category: Sports

Download size: 242 KB

Age: 12+

Publisher: TI Media Solutions Inc.



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