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I’ll be the first to admit I am not an avid user of Twitter. Others evidently feel differently due to its continued popularity and several Windows 8 apps available for it. I’ve looked at my share, Rowi, Metrotwit and Tweetro for example. They each offer good features, but some like Tweetro charge for use. This one charges as well but I think it brings a lot more to the table.

Tweetwerks - main screen

Tweetwerks – main screen

It is a quite typical view with columns when you set it up. The columns shown are the default but you can add more and you can delete the last two on the right. You can scroll through the tweets/mentions/retweets column but the other columns seem fixed. I’d like to be able to scroll down or click on “recent images” to see more but I can’t. You can add your own columns and in there can click on the title and view more of those tweets. I’m not sure what the little ‘greater than’ symbol is supposed to represent since it appeared on the column I created as well (I though it would indicate, click to see more).

Tweetwerks - image view

Tweetwerks – image view

While there are several different ways to look at your tweets, you get a almost full-screen view for images. The only fault I have with this view is you see just the image. Where is the tweet or any tweet information? It clearly has room for it to appear yet is devoid of that information.

Tweetwerks - compose

Tweetwerks – compose

Composing a tweet brings you to a new screen, where other tweets provide a drop down or other method to make it available. I understand why it is done this way, but doesn’t mean I prefer it. It has added functionality that no other tweet app on Windows 8 (that I have looked at) provides. You can add little black and white images (not really emoticons though a couple are like that) and you can choose two different types of text to send (bubble or upside down). I have a test of both below as seen on Twitter itself.

Tweetwerks - special characters tweet

Tweetwerks – special characters tweet

The special text may be nice once in a while but I would not be that interested in reading it repeatedly from someone. The specials or icons come up fine and work well and certainly might add to the conversation. The first icon takes up 1 character but add more and they take up more space. I had 3 in a row take up 7 characters. I do not believe this could be a problem as most will only use 1 or 2 in a post.

Tweetwerks - profile and klout score

Tweetwerks – profile and klout score

This app is loaded with information. Click on a profile and you get access to the expected information, but I like how it is presented. Nicely sorted. Especially neat is the addition of being able to see their Klout score. Incidentally my page is 21.67, but I’m not much of a tweeter but still better than my personal one (12.34). Still the wealth of features in this app is amazing and set-up well, I certainly am not covering everything it can do.


This is the most feature packed app yet for charms.

Search – of course you can search, but also your own timeline and mentions. You can save searches as a column on the main screen. Share – you can share tweets to the usual apps (though People app didn’t appear, other Facebook and Twitter apps did appear). You can also easily share a webpage or photo using the share charm from inside other apps that support it. Settings – this is where this app provides many features. I can only cover a few. You can have more than 1 account for one thing, most don’t do that and several options for how it behaves when in snapped view or how your retweet looks. One interesting option is to save the tweet on Pocket. I don’t use it, but a handle ability more apps should include. There is no Windows 8 app yet for Pocket, but it works in your web browser.


It is designed to work well in one-third snapped view. You get your current feed and can easily compose tweets (though you cannot add the fun icons, just the weird text). LEFT-clicking on a post provides options for re-tweeting, quoting, replying or favoriting a tweet.  Clicking web links will open in your browser automatically, where in the full screen version you can choose to have them opened in a sidebar.

Tweetwerks - live tile

Tweetwerks – live tile


The live tile shows like above, showing various tweets. In my case it was showing many older tweets but since I don’t tweet a lot that is to be expected. If you choose the setting to update in the background, it will show tweets related to the account you current have active. It is an easy to read tile and stands out.


As I mentioned I have only covered a few of the features in this app, it is loaded. I believe many die-hard Twitter users will really enjoy this app. The only problem I have run into is that it has crashed (closed) on me while running in the background several times and a couple of columns stopped showing content. It has been just released though, I expect whatever bug is causing it to be squashed. Give the app a try, you won’t find many apps on their first release that include as many features, even after many updates, as this app does. Just wonder why the Mario Bros. reference is there in the title (and the icon), seems unnecessary as it isn’t carried through anywhere else in the app.



Category: Social

Download size: 1.20 MB

Publisher: Liquid Daffodil

Price: free to try ($9.99 after trial)


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