If you’ve ever heard of emulation, you may have heard about Snes9x. It is software that can emulate the Super Nintendo system on your computer (and some portable devices). That experience is now available on Windows 8.

Snes8x - Super Mario World

Snes8x – Super Mario World

As far as Super Nintendo goes, Super Mario World is probably the game you think of most. Here it is playing on Snes8x. How do you know? Well mostly because I said so, but I have added the FPS which is not something you can get off the console. It uses the actual game in ROM (read only memory) format that is readable with the right software.

The game comes with controls for keyboard, touch (shown later) and Xbox 360 controller! I can tell you I wouldn’t want to use the keyboard, never been good to me, but once I got used to the Xbox 360 controller, it was just like old times. To use your Xbox 360 controller here and with other games that support it, you need a wireless adapter (not officially from Microsoft anymore) and of course a controller. I’m sure there are other ways to do it, but it is how I did it.

Snes8x - Zelda Link to the Past

Snes8x – Zelda Link to the Past

Displayed above is another one of the classis SNES games The Legend of Zelda- A Link to the Past. I have activated the right-click which provides a few options. You can of course load a Rom, stop rom (ends current game), reset (to start over) and pause. To the right you can choose to handle Save States. This allows you to create Save points anywhere, not just where the game lets you. It’s brilliant and quite helpful (especially because I stink at some of these games).

Snes8x - Touch Controls

Snes8x – Touch Controls

You can faintly see the touch controls that appear on-screen when playing on a tablet device. They are fairly accessible, though I haven’t used them, it seems they could be better arranged. Shouldn’t the D-pad and buttons be a little lower at least? If you prefer the L and R up top there is an option for it. I still prefer using a controller versus any on-screen controls, but of course it is good they are provided. I did not try the keyboard controls as I abhor that type of control for this kind of game, but I am sure they work just fine (and are easily adjustable).


Search and Share – I can understand Search not really being necessary, but Share probably only so for as sharing what you are doing at the moment. Not a deal breaker by any means. Settings – It does include settings for showing the framerate, enabling/changing controls, and turning audio on or off. You can also choose settings for 2 players. Either using 2 Xbox 360 controllers or one using a controller and the other keyboard or touch. Other types of controllers/gamepads may work, but no listing confirms which ones.


Did you expect snap to be available? I think not.


The tile is rather plain, in fact the icon very much mimics Microsoft’s own logo – the colors are just in different places.


If you are into old school gaming, this is a must have. It does require a bit of preparation if you don’t have an Xbox 360 controller or the adapter, though you can use the touch or keyboard controls if you wish. Of course one other part you need that is not provided are the ROMs. You are only supposed to have them if you own the physical game. I really wish Nintendo allowed Roms to be purchased. You can find them quite easily, but legally I cannot direct you where. You should find most will work. I have not tried them all but someone else in the reviews commented that most should work, though I found Super Mario Kart for one, didn’t control very well.

Technically it is a game, but found in the Entertainment section. Hopefully we’ll see other emulators as well made the move. N64 anyone?



Category: Entertainment

Download size: 2.66MB

Age: 12+

Publisher: m.k.


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