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End of the Road

I have decided it is time to put to rest this venture. It was a fun experience learning to blog and trying to review software. For a time I had a rather dedicated but small group of regular visitors but

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Star Trek Almanac

Back with another Star Trek app, but this is superior to the one created by Paramount. This developer has created almanac apps for several different movie/tv series as well so pretty much you’ll find similar content as found in this

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Star Trek App

While it is true I like Star Trek, I looked at this app since it seemed like an interesting combination of “game” and informational app. It makes sense to come around now since the movie “Into Darkness” is opening soon.

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LCARS Interface (update)

I’m rarely able to provide updates on an app, but this is one I follow and felt I should update my views on it. You can view the previous reviews here (just weather here). You don’t need to be interested

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Yelp Explorer

Yelp is one of those apps that many people have installed on Android or iOS so it makes sense to have it available on Windows 8. Except this isn’t really from Yelp. I appreciate it when apps are brought to

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7 Little Words

I saw this game mentioned in an article and thought it seemed interesting. It is interesting, but not too sure if it is really a “game”. Also do not equate the name of this app with the 7 words you

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News Republic

There are a plethora of news apps available that try to present an unique angle. I certainly don’t intend to look at each one, but felt this one was worth looking at. Initially the view will be rather stark since

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