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LCARS Interface – Weather

Normally I would update a review when new features are added, but felt it would be better served by just creating a separate post for it. The LCARS Interface app has had an update and it now includes Weather.  

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I think there are still a minority of people who have ever heard of this search engine, never mind used it. I admit I haven’t used it but it is unique in what it provides, not just in its name.

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MS Minewsweeper

This has been out since before the release of Windows 8 but I neglected to review it because I have never been a very good Minesweeper player. I suppose I could improve if I played it more, even so just

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LCARS Interface

(update: 1/18/12)  If you enjoy Star Trek, then the title of this app may appeal to you, or least you’ll know what it means. LCARS is the acronym given to the computer design interface used in the Star Trek movies and

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I have seen some photo location-based apps but they mostly required you to have information already encoded in your photos or have you enter them in the app for it to work. Why not use what you may have already done

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