LCARS Interface – Weather

Normally I would update a review when new features are added, but felt it would be better served by just creating a separate post for it. The LCARS Interface app has had an update and it now includes Weather.

LCARS Interface - Weather current

LCARS Interface – Weather current


Initially set-up for White Plains, NY, it is easy to change to your location with just a zip code. I suppose it would be asking too much to have a satellite view visible on the globe, but a pretty cool display.

LCARS Interface - Weather 7 day

LCARS Interface – Weather 7 day


With the click of a button you’ll get the 7 day forecast sliding into view. I guess January 31st is going to be a day with no light at all. I took this screenshot today though and it shows weather for 2 days ago rather than starting from today. So I guess there are some limitations in how the weather information is sourced. The graphics may be of low quality, but they fit in with the app nicely.

This update added a looping ability to the Media Player as well. If you like Star Trek, this is an app you may wish to purchase.


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3 comments on “LCARS Interface – Weather
  1. […] ( update 1/29/13 – app has added Weather. New post looks at that part of the app >> here. […]

  2. Johnny says:

    Regarding LCARS Interface – Weather

    I Live In Dublin Ireland, How can I update my location as it seems to be unable to determine my location.

    • sekyal says:

      I haven’t used this app in quite some time. I opened it and I do not see any Weather in it any longer. This is an old app review, that evidently is outdated now. You stated you were trying to determine where to add your location, but seems no longer possible, sorry.

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