PrimeTime TV

If you like TV this may be an app to get into using, it is in its early stages so missing a lot of planned features and usability. It is similar to another app I liked called TrackSeries. Like that app this also tracks your TV series.

PrimeTime TV - main screen

PrimeTime TV – main screen

When you first open the app you will have to set it up with your favorite shows. Once done you’ll get a view like shown above. I have not set-up all my favorite shows yet, but a selection of them. The graphics are impressive and of terrific quality but overshadowed by the text overlays indicating the show title and how many are watching it now. I would rather a colored bar that didn’t block the image be used here with perhaps an icon and number to indicate about who is watching. I just think there is a better way to present the information. The app displays what shows have episodes airing soon and how far in the future which is very helpful.  The main screen may not have a lot of choices, but it gets you going in the right direction.

PrimeTime TV - show info

PrimeTime TV – show info

Clicking on any show will provide details about that show and the opportunity to follow it (means add it to favorites). This page also presents next and recent past episodes to review for information and when it is airing or had aired. Only oddity is it hasn’t quite figured out how to set-up “House of Cards”. All episodes were released at once, but it only shows up to episode 3 in the listing of episodes, you’ll have to click the link for the whole season to view info on other episodes. Not only for this show but all of them, I wish you could access the complete current season on this page and only use the season listing for past seasons.

You may notice there is a “Shouts” section. This is only available for viewing, not adding your own “shouts” at this time. The information comes from which this app will eventually sync with. The shouts are from the community section of their site.

PrimteTime TV - episode info

PrimteTime TV – episode info

Clicking on specific episode information provides a quick synopsis and by clicking the right arrow, access to Shouts for that single episode. I really like the community aspect of it, so hope that gets added in quickly. This brings up most of the problem with this app now is that you can only view information and join the number of followers. You cannot shout, add to “now watching”, rate it or anything like that.


Search – you can easily use search to find TV shows you wish to add. It does a good job finding just about anything you might have watched in the past as well. Share – it doesn’t. Settings – none.


It is not able to be used in snapped (the smaller one) view.


There is no live tile, hopefully in the future.


The app is off to a good start. It has an idea that has come before but the presentation is outstanding. Once the promised additional features (especially sync) are added, this could be the finest app for tracking your TV watching available. I would like to see it expand to movies though, just like they do on the website. For some reason they have multiple apps and hope that doesn’t become the case for Windows 8. Either way this is worth checking out, but you will have to wait to get the full benefits of using it.



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Download size:  1.72 MB

Age: 12+

Publisher: akaMetro





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  1. akametro says:

    Thanks for the review!

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