7 Little Words

I saw this game mentioned in an article and thought it seemed interesting. It is interesting, but not too sure if it is really a “game”. Also do not equate the name of this app with the 7 words you can’t say on TV, it is definitely not in that vein.

7 Little Words - board

7 Little Words – board

Above is the game board where you get 7 descriptions for words (not always so “little”) to find using the tiles to the right. The tiles contain 2 or 3 letters and you combine 2 or more tiles to create the answers. It has its set of challenges where it may be difficult to figure out the correct answer. You do not have to go in order though, you can solve them in any order you want. The option to Shuffle the tiles could re-position them to make it easier to find the right combination, but I rarely used it.

7 Little Words - choose which word to get a hint for

7 Little Words – choose which word to get a hint for

7 Little Words - choose which hint to show

7 Little Words – choose which hint to show

It also provides hints if you get stuck. You can choose which word you need a hint on and then whether it is the first letter, first tile or the whole word. I wouldn’t call giving the whole word a hint, but it did come in handy. You get a limited number of hints or you can buy unlimited hints for $2.99.

The game comes with 50 puzzles out of the box for free plus each day there is one puzzle provided free of charge. So there is quite a decent value to start out with. If you wish to buy more packs of 50 puzzles, they are $1.49 each. This may not seem unreasonable, but if you wish to play all the are currently available that is $69.60! That isn’t including another pack coming soon and two packs of 500 puzzles for $4.99 each! It becomes quite an expensive little game in that case. But as stated you get by with the free way with one puzzle a day after the initial 50.


In the beginning I suggested this barely qualified as a game. When I was playing it, I felt there was something missing. There is NO penalty for guessing wrong. You can keep guessing until you get it right, where is the challenge? There is NO time limit option. If there were a time limit, it would feel more like a game. There is NO scoring, achievements or other way to measure success. People love comparing themselves and this provides none of that. I really like the idea of the game and I did find it took me some time to figure out some of the more obscure words. If you enjoy the game, it just seems like the buy-in for extra packages are too pricy (although the 500 puzzle option certainly is a good value). You might enjoy the challenge without a “game” aspect, but for me I had little need to return to it. Give me some comparison with my friends or other ways to challenge myself.



Category: Games > Puzzle

Download size:  3.18 MB

Publisher: Blue Ox Technologies Ltd.

Price: free (50 included, daily puzzle) ($1.49 for individual packs of 50 puzzles / 500 for $4.99)


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