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While it is true I like Star Trek, I looked at this app since it seemed like an interesting combination of “game” and informational app. It makes sense to come around now since the movie “Into Darkness” is opening soon. It does require you to create a login if you wish it to track your progress towards promotion though strangely you have to login each time, it doesn’t remember you. I’m unsure why the login button defaults to joining when you only do that once. You can login from here but it is an extra click. These types of quality control issues come out in other areas of the app as well, which you’ll see.

Star Trek App - main screen

Star Trek App – main screen

Once logged in you start out as a redshirt crew member and can earn points by completing missions to get promoted. It’s too bad though your own face isn’t able to be put into the image in the upper right. The News section is just information about the movie and other Star Trek information. They don’t add any points and are mainly promotional material. The last section is access to purchase tickets for the movie.

Star Trek App - mission

Star Trek App – mission

Star Trek App - mission on webpage

Star Trek App – mission on webpage

The missions are trivia questions, polls or sometimes visiting a website within the app. With the questions you may not earn full points if you answer incorrectly, but the polls are automatic. As you can see above the mission window is small compared to the rest of the app. The start of it is fine, but this one takes you to a webpage that for some reason is still tiny requiring you to scroll to view it yet there is this large unused space (even on lower resolutions this space will be evident). There are other times in the news it shows a video and for whatever reason it is squished really small. Why isn’t the app making use of the size of the screen it is used on. It feels designed for phones in this area.

Star Trek App - question

Star Trek App – question

Star Trek App - points rewarded

Star Trek App – points rewarded

Here is an example of a trivia question and the reward in points. Usually each mission has multiple questions when it is of the trivia variety. I enjoyed these even if I didn’t do as well as I would have liked.

Star Trek App - promotion

Star Trek App – promotion

As you complete missions and get more points, you’ll earn your promotions. Each day there is a new mission to complete. Right now I have completed them all and am Chief Petty Officer with 65 points until the next promotion. Most missions are worth 10 points (providing you answer the questions correctly) so it might take a while to move up. There really isn’t any incentive to move up, there is no social aspect so you cannot compare with your friends and there are no rewards real or virtual.


This app does not make use of any of the charms.


It crashed when I tried to snap it. Considering the squished nature of the questions you’d think it was intended to be snapped.


No live tile. It could have been used to at least show the newest mission and perhaps your status/current rank.


I found this app to be an interesting idea for promotion that ends up feeling shallow. The lack of a social aspect makes it pointless, not that it is helped very much by the extremely poor presentation of the questions/videos/information. The app is created by a division of Paramount (the studio behind the movies) and yet it doesn’t feel professional.



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Download size:  3.42 MB

Age: 12+

Publisher: Paramount Digital Entertainment


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