End of the Road

I have decided it is time to put to rest this venture. It was a fun experience learning to blog and trying to review software. For a time I had a rather dedicated but small group of regular visitors but understandably that has changed due to my infrequent updates. I’m grateful for those who contributed by viewing my reviews or commenting and certainly to those few developers that I communicated with about their apps. This is a decision I had mulled for quite some time, but I have so many interests and reviewing apps has diminished in interest for me mainly due to the lack of traffic here. An example of an un-reviewed app is below.

Tube+ - free app, good alternative

Tube+ – free app, good alternative

I know I could have done more to promote it and get the word around, but I had hoped it could just grow through word of mouth since I am not one to promote myself much. In fact it grew tremendously just prior to the launch of Windows 8 and for a couple of months after that. I can only assume either my content was not engaging enough or that Windows 8 itself is to blame (many aren’t happy with the compromises it makes). The blog was also limited due to my inability to review apps that I did not find interesting but many in the general public would and do enjoy.

I have considered going the video route and make videos of apps instead where the goal would be just to highlight apps I enjoy and I would have no intention of just any apps, they’d be apps I chose because I liked them or the idea of them. I have to do some research into what video software to get and how I want to do it, but either way it would be a mostly barebones affair. There is no guarantee I will do that, but I have noticed there aren’t many videos out there for Windows 8 so it might be a direction to take things.

Regardless I have immense gratitude for the 18 people who liked my Facebook page, 19 who followed me on Twitter and the 3 people who +1’d the Google+ page for ThroughthePanes. I will gradually suspend those accounts. If I choose to revive this blog in video format, I may reverse the status of those accounts.

Be ready for the update to Windows 8 coming in August, it will be free and fix many of the problems with the current release but either way it is the end of the road for this blog. Through The Panes has shattered.

I’ll end this with a few screenshots of other apps I didn’t review but have recently downloaded. Thanks again!




Corinth Micro Anatomy Augmented Reality

Corinth Micro Anatomy Augmented Reality


Team Crossword (Xbox Live game)

Team Crossword (Xbox Live game)


Another for Tube+ showing our favorite internet cat, Maru

Another for Tube+ showing our favorite internet cat, Maru





51-yr-old father of 3, work in telemarketing, like computers and technology

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