Tablet Battle: Windows 8.1 vs. Android 4.4

First in a series


I finally have myself a Windows 8 tablet. I thought since I have an Android tablet as well I’d compare the two systems. This won’t be a comparison of hardware aside from describing the hardware I am using.  This series will focus on the experience of using the software.

Tablet Battle: Windows 8 vs. Android

Tablet Battle: Windows 8 vs. Android

Initially I will focus on settings, Start Screen/Home Screen, notifications and things like that. Eventually I plan to provide a comparison between apps they have in common. There is no possible way to do every app that they each have in common but I will select various types of apps to compare.

Each “round” will have a winner. At the end of this series (whenever I choose to end it) I will declare a winner.  If there are updates that change functionality, I won’t revisit that comparison since at the bottom of each article will be the hardware/software used to compare.

There will be little doubt that since I am writing this for my Windows blog that I favor Windows. I do use the Android tablet quite often but mostly at work and e-books (its smaller so easier to read books on).  Obviously my views may not match your own and you are free to disagree, I will endeavor to be fair in my assessments.

The hardware: Due to differences in the hardware used (size for example), I will not be directly comparing cameras, sd card slots or screen size. I may compare camera apps or storage though for example.


Asus VivoTaba Smart

Asus VivoTaba Smart

 Asus Vivotab Smart: Windows 8.1 Update 1, 10.1” screen 1366×768, microsd slot, micro hdmi, micro USB, 2mp front camera, 8mp rear camera w/flash, 64GB storage,  2GB RAM, NFC, 2in1 audio jack.


Nexus 7 (original)

Nexus 7 (original)

Nexus 7 (original): Android KitKat 4.4.2, 7” screen 1280×800, micro USB, 1.2 mp front camera, 8GB storage, 1GB RAM, NFC, headphone jack

The Windows tablet does have the desktop and that means inherently more capabilities, but I am focusing on each as a touch tablet, no more.  Clearly if you consider desktop capabilities, then Windows tablet wins hands down. This is strictly comparing OS’s in my usage and trying to eliminate any hardware differences as a differentiating factor.

Let the battle begin!!

Part 1: Settings 


note: sorry for the poor quality of this pictures. Taken with my cheap phone.




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