Windows 10 Tech Preview – Initial Thoughts

I was unsure at first about trying out Windows 10 as a Technical Preview. I finally decided I could deal with it as they made it so easy to upgrade to the official version when it is released – even this preview was easy to get through Windows Update. Should you download it as your daily use? Probably not. While I haven’t run into any major issues yet, it isn’t ready for your average user.

The first thing I noticed after installing Windows 10 was the absence of the full screen Start Screen. The OS went right to the desktop. I had got used to using the Start Screen with Windows 8, although frankly I ended up on the desktop most of the time anyway. In fact I used to use a program called Modern Mix to allow me to do what Windows 10 does natively – put the Apps in a window rather than full screen.

The Start Menu is something like the one with Windows 7 but now has Apps attached to its side. It works pretty well and I’ll go into it in more detail in another article. There is also a new notification area for system messages and the ability to use multiple desktops.

Win10 - full screen Start Menu

Windows 10 – Full Screen Start Menu build 9926

By far the biggest difference is the lack of “hot corners” in Windows 10. There is no hidden charms bar, no hidden task switcher, it is all gone. After having used hidden areas for a while, it is weird for them not to be there.

If you like Windows 7, this version of Windows is far closer to it than Windows 8 ever was or ever could be. It retains some of Windows 8’s uniqueness and I’ll look at in future articles whether they should still be retained or not. Suffice it to say it won’t make everyone happy, but hopefully brings those who have been hanging onto Windows 7 more willing to update their operating system.


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