Windows 10 – Notification / Action Center

One of the major additions to Windows 10 is an Notification / Action Center. It is very much like what was added to Windows Phone last year. Do we need it?

Windows 10 Notification/Action Center build 9926

Windows 10 Notification/Action Center build 9926

I’d say yes. Often you get those little “toast” messages that popup mentioning something going on the computer or from apps and if you don’t see it right away, you may not see it again or remember what it was about. However this does add more, very much like WIndows Phone.

Apps can get your attention and remind you of appointments or birthdays or things just downloaded or updated. The notifications are easy to dismiss or you can click on them to launch the program related to it.

In addition to the notifications you have an action center at the bottom of it. This allows you to quickly turn on or off certain settings you might use more often (more handy on a tablet I imagine than a desktop but still nice). You can expand the list to show more options.

This feature may receive some adjustments before full release, but I think it should be a welcome addition for most people. The image shows the location of the center. I have my taskbar up top, but for everyone it appears on the right side of the screen.


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2 comments on “Windows 10 – Notification / Action Center
  1. Tarkus says:

    I absolutely love the new Notification Center, but it needs some tweaks, such as the ability to disable notifications on a per app bases, like you can in Android. I hate having to clear useless notifications all the time. Not every app’s notifications need to be saved for future perusal. It would be more useful if I knew only important stuff was waiting for me.

  2. sekyal says:

    Definitely, it can be tweaked. I forgot to include that part in the article. You can choose which apps which give you notifications in settings. You can also tweak which quick buttons show for settings/ action center.

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