Windows 10 – Cortana

You may have heard of Cortana, especially if you have used a Windows Phone device. It is a search assistant much like Siri on the Apple iphone or Google Now on Android, but it is on the Windows 10 desktop/laptop as well as the smartphone.

Cortana in Windows 10 , build 9926

Cortana in Windows 10 , build 9926

Now I have the taskbar on the top of the screen on my desktop, so Cortana doesn’t adjust for that position of the task bar. It is probably more convenient where the search bar is located. Of course with Cortana there is an advantage to using it for search that wasn’t available before on a Windows device (aside from the phone).

You can speak to your computer. Just say “Hey Cortana” and what you want to search for. It works as long as you have an active mic (many have a webcam, which works even if not actually using it). It provides useful results in it’s reply (sometimes with voice) or may launch your browser with the search inquiry on Bing.

Cortana - special request build 9926

Cortana – special request build 9926

In the settings there is an option for Notebook that allows you to set what your interests are for news, entertainment, sports and weather among other things. Every day will update you on those subjects when you check. Of course since this is the preview you (or I) can give feedback on the feature.

Win10 - Cortana set interests - notebook build 9926

Cortana – Set interests in Notebook build 9926

It is a very handy tool for searching your desktop as well as the web. Some have complained that they don’t want to search the web, only the desktop. But frankly I don’t find it ruins the search experience, the web doesn’t overwhelm your local results. Local results are shown first as shown below.

Cortana Search Results build 9926

Cortana Search Results build 9926

It is certainly possible the look and feel of Cortana could change visually or how it handles it’s tasks but this is how it is in the most current build (9926). I’m not sure how much I will use it, nor how often I will choose to speak to my computer (just seems wrong) but I think it adds to the capabilities of search on the desktop and the integration with Windows Phone is a plus (at least for those of us who use Windows Phone – and if you don’t why not?).


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