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Hyper for Youtube

I reviewed this app back in the Windows 8 days and it eventually became my daily driver for YouTube. There were other apps that were pretty good, but nothing gave me the all around features that this app did/does. Funny

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I realize it has been a few days since I had a post. I got sick. I do realize if you read this blog you aren’t expecting posts on a regular basis though I would like to get one out

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The Start Menu in Windows 10

Most claim the reason Windows 8 failed was due to the Start Menu or basically lack thereof. I was able to adapt to it, but most people do not take change easily, never mind drastic change – which is what

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Windows 10 and Edge

With the desire to keep the letter “e” as their browser name, Microsoft replaced Internet Explorer with Edge. For many this is a pleasant change as IE was much derided, although certainly a good chunk of the population used it

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Windows 10 Store – part 2

The question may be asked, why did they add Music and Movies/TV into the Windows Store? Doesn’t it make sense to include a place to purchase things all together? They are all used on the PC and eventually with the

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Windows 10 Store – part 1

With Windows 10 of course the Store has been updated. It has come a long way from its beginning on Windows 8. In fact it has added sections for Music and Movies/TV which will be discussed more fully in a

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Windows 10 – Is it the answer to Windows 8?

Now some of you might be thinking what is the question. In the eyes of many, Windows 8 was a disaster. To a certain degree I agree.

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