Windows 10 – Is it the answer to Windows 8?

Now some of you might be thinking what is the question. In the eyes of many, Windows 8 was a disaster. To a certain degree I agree.

W10Desktop and Start Menu

Windows 8 had a lot of great ideas, its just how they were implemented didn’t work well for many. Microsoft leaned too far towards making the interface good for portable devices that they forgot the desktop. Personally I was able to work with it, but it did take a bit of learning which frankly most people don’t want to bother doing.

Of course for me the switch back to a more conventional desktop (i.e. Windows 10) was a challenge as well even though I use Windows 7 at work as due many others. Even so it was far easier to “unlearn” the Windows 8 gestures than it was to initially learn them. Regardless though if you embraced Windows 8 or not, the real question is whether Windows 10 is the right direction for Microsoft and Windows.

Whether you like Windows 10 or not, it definitely is far easier for a Windows 7 or possibly XP user to adjust to using it. It is more familiar overall in how it does things and its general appearance. Sure it still has apps and the Start Menu is a bit different but overall it corrects many of Windows 8’s flaws.

I’m not going to go over each of the details that differentiate Windows 10 as there are already plenty of articles out there that do just that. I will go over a few of them to give my opinion. I began using Windows 10 in January 2015 and very glad I did so. It has been a joy to use and learn to use the new features.

Start Menu – I love the smaller start menu, not only does it help to quickly find apps, it can have live tiles to give you information. Funny though I don’t use most of the live tiles any longer (except weather, calender, mail, those types).

Cortana – Having voice search is a nice ability, but I doubt many will do that (though I have done it on my phone a few times). The bigger benefit is having voice or text search right from the desktop. You don’t have to go to google or bing. Funny though I still go to the page to do a search, old habits are difficult to break.

Edge – It was long overdue to dump IE. I have long despised it. It just didn’t do enough well compared to the other browsers out there. Edge is a nice change, but until it gets extensions, at this stage it isn’t much better than IE (though I do use it as my regular browser).

Now I have based all I have written here on the desktop version, barely even using my tablet with Windows 10. The tablet version leaves a bit to be desired. Microsoft wanted too much to fix Windows 8 that they went and tossed it out a window! Windows 8 wasn’t a problem on tablets (aside from the learning curve). I’ll have a look at using it on my tablet sometime later.

Windows 10 is in fact the answer to Windows 8’s problems, at least on the desktop, which is unfortunate. Microsoft needs to succeed in the mobile space and so far what they have done with tablets doesn’t seem there yet. Windows 10 Mobile is due out soon and we just have to wait and see whether it truly gets more people onto that platform. Continuum (ability to display phone on desktop but use like desktop) definitely seems to be the big selling point people need. We’ll just have to see.

No matter what though, Windows 10 is what Microsoft is basing its future on. It’s a start.


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One comment on “Windows 10 – Is it the answer to Windows 8?
  1. Tarkus says:

    I liked Windows 8 more than most did, but I love Windows 10, though there is still some work to do. The good news is that it’s going to be updated and improved regularly, especially for those of us who are Insiders. The future looks bright for Windows!

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