Windows 10 Store – part 2

The question may be asked, why did they add Music and Movies/TV into the Windows Store? Doesn’t it make sense to include a place to purchase things all together? They are all used on the PC and eventually with the Store being a universal app we’ll find Windows Phone apps here as well. What a happy family…. not!

Windows Store - Movies and TV on left, Music on right

Windows Store – Movies and TV on left, Music on right

The Music and Movies/TV sections of the store are setup pretty similarly on the front page. You have the big ads at the top that slide and take up way too much space. Below that you have different genres/categories but individually they of course need to do things a bit different from each other.


If the ads at the top aren’t enough, there is an extra blue bar now taking up space to encourage you to get a Groove subscription. It wouldn’t be so bad if it went away or had a way I could make it go away, but you can’t (unless of course you subscribe I assume). The overall page though as you scroll down feels disjointed. You have New Music, then top-selling singles before going into Albums, artists and finally at the end, genres. I wish there was a way to choose genres up top.

Even better would be a way to have it focus on your favorite genres so that you don’t have to see things you know you don’t like. If I could hide all rap and hip/hop it would be great. Not that the listing has any kind of order to it anyway. It is all jumbled.

Search and Genre view

Search and Genre view

Click on a genre or perform a search and you’ll get the view above. Overall it works, but again things are all mixed up, there is no sense of order, it is difficult to scan it quickly when it is so jumbled up with genres, years, etc. One especially big pet peeve for me is that they consider Indie/Alternative a sub-genre. It is one of the biggest genres out there I think and it is rather hidden here (under Rock).

Music Album View

Music Album View

Clicking on an album will get you a fairly typical view for this type of app for the cover and song listings. I don’t like the blank space to the upper right (seems to be a common issue with the store) but otherwise it functions fairly well. It plays the samples within the app, which is good but wish there was one button to advance the tracks rather than having to click on each song (only right on the play button).

The “Listen free” button may be a little deceiving since it is only free if you have purchased the subscription to Groove. However the really odd part about it is it opens up the Groove Music app. We could do everything else in here, but now it is time to leave? Here is where it would make more sense to have the music store within the music app. I am more likely to buy it there, AND could have the chance to be suggested music that is available that I might like which this app does nothing about.

Music is good for sampling music, but not as good as Amazon. It seems so difficult to find what I want. The genres are kind of hidden from the main page and listings are all mixed up. It’s far better than Xbox Music ever was, but still has quite a ways to go.


I have never purchased a movie digitally so I am probably not the person to really review this section but will do my best. This portion is laid out very much like the Music section with categories listed for popular movies as well as TV shows. There are some featured collections (store curated groups of movies) and picks for you and genres down the bottom. It is great that it has picks for you, but why is it buried? Like the Music section, this section hides the genres choices at the very bottom instead of a simple drop down at the top.

Movies/TV Individual page

Movies/TV Individual page

The individual pages are set-up pretty well but still mostly have that ugly blank space in the upper right. It does occasionally get filled, mostly in the TV listings. I like that it has the Rotten Tomatoes and Flixster scores for Movies and some review excerpts that unfortunately take you to a browser to finish reading. You can watch a trailer (only for movies) and often get links to other seasons or special features (only for TV). Each of them do list Cast and Crew which is helpful because you can click on them and see more that they were in.

Movies Preview

Movies Preview

Watching a trailer (or movie) gives you a fairly basic control set and even has a button to “cast” it to another device. The quality is as good as you can get, but I did not extensively test this area.

Share Music or Movies/TV

Share Music or Movies/TV

The app does have the ability to “share” with others what you have found you like, but it is only a link or so you might think. If the person has Windows 10, that link will open in Edge (or their default browser) but then launch the Store to see the exact page you are on. Pretty well done.


So there you have the Music and Movies/TV sections of the Store in Windows 10. They have a few good things about them hurt by the bad things: disorganized, launching another program to play your collection, ads taking up half the screen and more). I said before I don’t buy a lot of digital media so maybe I’m not the person this app is meant for, but I really think it was better when it was within the apps themselves (Music in Music app etc) rather than being part of the Store. Microsoft may prove me (and others) wrong but there is no question these sections need improvement to really be successful.


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