I realize it has been a few days since I had a post. I got sick. I do realize if you read this blog you aren’t expecting posts on a regular basis though I would like to get one out every few days at least. Actually unsure of the direction I want to take. Should I keep reviewing the default apps and features that come with Windows10 or simply move on to trying to find and review gems in the store. Finding gems, can be a challenge but hopefully now with Windows 10 the quality will improve.

I have a Windows phone as well and while I don’t want to install the pre-release version on it, I do want to incorporate reviews using it (once 10 Mobile is out) to review Universal Apps mainly – apps that are made to be used on either desktop or mobile. I really think this capability will help boost the use of Windows 10 mobile above the currently less than 3% market share.

Split screen with choice of open apps to fill rest of space

Split screen with choice of open apps to fill rest of space

I may re-visit parts of the OS as things change. In fact I’m not looking at the mail app yet for review because I’m still on the Insider Preview and the version of the app I am using, the general public won’t recognize…yet. I’m going to stop being on the preview once this next update is finished and released.

The screenshot included with this post shows a feature some may have used where Windows lets you split screen more than one app. It also now adds a choice of apps you can choose to fill the space, before it didn’t give you this choice. Unless I’m copying and pasting, multiple apps on screen isn’t something that I have had a need for.


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