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I reviewed this app back in the Windows 8 days and it eventually became my daily driver for YouTube. There were other apps that were pretty good, but nothing gave me the all around features that this app did/does. Funny thing is I find myself using some apps like this a lot less than previously. I have a browser open, why would I want to bother opening an app?

Hyper for YouTube main screen

Hyper for YouTube main screen

Like many things it may be just a matter of whether it enhances the features of YouTube where it makes it a better experience to use the app on a desktop. Naturally on a tablet, an app may make a whole lot more sense. Unfortunately it isn’t a Universal App, but let’s see if it does things better enough to make it my go to app again for YouTube.

As I said I have had the app for quite some time, but am unable to compare it to when I last reviewed it, because I deleted that review (well I wanted to start fresh with Windows 10…sort of). The app opens with a home screen (i.e. subscriptions) which for me is ideal because that is mostly what I come to YouTube to view. There are options to search or browse for information as well as watch later and download. However there isn’t an option (that I can tell) for the new “live” YouTube Gaming. But that is new and not sure if there is much of audience for it (I prefer Twitch).

Hyper for YouTube full screen (well nearly but it can go completely)

Hyper for YouTube full screen (well nearly but it can go completely)

Clicking on a video starts it immediately – unless you have decided not to have it start right away in the settings. I like that the options in the settings for whether it launches a new video full screen or in detailed view, whether it auto-plays or not or the quality it plays at. Most of which YouTube itself does but it isn’t always an option in an app. The quality of the playback is outstanding – I think it is much smoother than YouTube itself. Best of all, no ads! While I believe in supporting sites and do not use an Ad blocker, YouTube can have too many ads.

You may notice that the screen is dark (I like the dark theme) and Hyper gives you the option to of light or dark plus you can change the accent color which shows up on various parts of the interface. You even have the choice of a background image! I couldn’t test it because it requires the Pro version of Hyper. This adds the ability to download videos in 1080p and 4k (where available), no ads – not that I see any, and personalization is improved when you pay $.99.

Hyper for YouTube comments (white theme)

Hyper for YouTube comments (white theme)

You can of course up or down vote, see the description and comment just like you would expect with YouTube. I do wish I didn’t have to click to get the video controls to show, but otherwise I am quite happy with the app. It even loads and plays videos quicker than the webpage in my short time comparing them. I’m doing to start using this app again daily for YouTube. It makes the experience for me so much smoother than through the browser. Too bad there isn’t a way to have the browser automatically launch an app based on your choice if you happen to go to certain web pages (an idea for someone?).

Well done app and well worth using. Tile is linked.

Hyper for Youtube tile


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