Perfect Tube

I thought I’d compare another YouTube Windows 10 app against my favorite Hyper for YouTube. Admittedly this wasn’t doesn’t differ too much thematically from Hyper. There are some different takes on what an app for YouTube should be like, but I think only so many ways it can be done well.

Perfect Tube - main screen

Perfect Tube – main screen

This is not a full on comparison with any other app including Hyper for YouTube, just wanted to look at another app that caught my eye and gets the job done. However this app claims it is Perfect, so let’s see if it accomplishes that goal.

It is difficult to escape the fact that this is a near clone of Hyper for YouTube. The presentation is nearly identical, the menu bar operates the same and even the settings have some of the same features. I won’t be breaking down into specific differences, but they are very close. One thing I like is the Popular videos section. It is as close as I can get to the “recommended” section of YouTube, which frankly no app I have tried, replicates it. It has a pre-load section but unsure exactly what that is for (maybe your own videos?).

Perfect Tube - video view

Perfect Tube – video view

It has a bit more detail in this video view for comments, description and related videos. I do not like the hidden controls for the video. Hyper does it as well and it is annoying. I guess once you get used to it, it isn’t too bad, but I have to click to make them show rather than just hover the mouse. It doesn’t feel natural that way. The controls themselves are pretty easy to use, though the video quality choice is a little out of the way, even if it is clever in its design.

Perfect Tube - full screen

Perfect Tube – full screen

The full screen view also hides the controls but again I think it is too hidden. You can barely see the progress bar at the very bottom but video progress times are visible. Also there are a couple additional icons on either side to access controls. The one on the left minimizes the video but it keeps playing (you can then search for other video’s to play). The button on the far right is for casting to a supporting device (Miracast or Google Chromecast for example). The quality of the video can be changed, but is even more hidden here as it is across the top of the screen where the majority of the controls are in the center. Controls in this app are all over the place.

This is a worthwhile app but it takes things down a notch aesthetically. I feel just a bit better about Hyper than this one, but you can’t go wrong with it if you like Perfect Tube’s minimal differences from Hyper.


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