Simple Truths (no dares)

While a computer is often used for serious work, sometimes a game is all you need to get some frustration out just to divert your mind for a bit. The game Simple Truths could be just that game.

Simple Truths - question

Simple Truths – question

This game gives you either/or type questions and that is about the extent of it. The idea is simple, the answers – not always so.

Simple Truths - answer

Simple Truths – answer

This particular example in the screenshots is probably one most will get correct unless you are under 8 years old. You get a point for each one you answer correct and it shows you what percentage of players got it right or wrong. You can easily share the question to Facebook (and get points for doing so) and rate the question good or bad.

At least I assume it is to rate the question, nothing specifically tells you that. The rating system though I believe helps the game weed out poorly created questions. One of the neatest parts of this game is that you can help create it.

Simple Truths - create a question

Simple Truths – create a question

Other games may do this but not usually so built into the game where you earn points for creating them. I have not submitted the created one above, just shown it as an example. I am not sure how quickly your creation ends up in the game. You do have to connect Facebook to the game in order to see your created questions and see how they have been answered statically. Otherwise you can at least see where you stack statistically speaking.

Finally there is a shop where you can purchase different colors for the app (in case you don’t like green) and you may also open up additional modes other than the “Starter” pack you being with. There are a couple of issues with the store. It scrolls horribly. With no scroll bar and just using my scroll wheel in the mouse, it barely moved. Also I noticed a graphical relic of the shop on the main screen upon returning to the game. If I was on the “Create” tab, going back to the game was fine, it was only the shop that had graphics showing up where they weren’t needed.

Simple Truths - asks for donation, etc

Simple Truths – asks for donation, etc

One of the nice touches in the game though is how it asks you to donate or contribute in different ways to the game. I’m not sure how to watch the video of an awesome app as stated above, but it has other ways to encourage you to support the app, but it’s subtle about it.

I haven’t got very far with the game yet to try any of the other packs, but it is a fun little time waster and may teach you a thing or two. It isn’t your typical trivia app and you’d think a 50/50 choice would be easy, but that isn’t always the case. Give it a try. The tile needs some work as it shows white text over the logo (just plain ugly). Still, a few minutes a day at least to refresh your mind.Simplee Truths - tileClicking on icon takes you to the app in the Windows Store.


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