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Simple Truths (no dares)

While a computer is often used for serious work, sometimes a game is all you need to get some frustration out just to divert your mind for a bit. The game Simple Truths could be just that game. This game

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Perfect Tube

I thought I’d compare another YouTube Windows 10 app against my favorite Hyper for YouTube. Admittedly this wasn’t doesn’t differ too much thematically from Hyper. There are some different takes on what an app for YouTube should be like, but

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Hyper for Youtube

I reviewed this app back in the Windows 8 days and it eventually became my daily driver for YouTube. There were other apps that were pretty good, but nothing gave me the all around features that this app did/does. Funny

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Windows 10 Store – part 2

The question may be asked, why did they add Music and Movies/TV into the Windows Store? Doesn’t it make sense to include a place to purchase things all together? They are all used on the PC and eventually with the

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Windows 10 – Is it the answer to Windows 8?

Now some of you might be thinking what is the question. In the eyes of many, Windows 8 was a disaster. To a certain degree I agree.

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New Panes

For the past year I have not had much time to devote to this blog. I really wanted to do so, but having a girlfriend left me little time to devote to this endeavor. That has changed. The girlfriend is

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OutColdPlayer – update to gMusicW

I reviewed this app some time ago ( link ) and liked it then. It has improved tremendously since including a change in name. It is by far the best way to play your Google Music on a Windows Device.

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