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Windows 10 Store – part 2

The question may be asked, why did they add Music and Movies/TV into the Windows Store? Doesn’t it make sense to include a place to purchase things all together? They are all used on the PC and eventually with the

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OutColdPlayer – update to gMusicW

I reviewed this app some time ago ( link ) and liked it then. It has improved tremendously since including a change in name. It is by far the best way to play your Google Music on a Windows Device.

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Format Converter X

A file converter can be very helpful if you have devices that only support a certain kind of format for music or video. This app can do that in the Modern Interface. It is may not do every format, but

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Music Info

Category: Music & Video > Music            Download size:  720 KB           Age rating: 12+           Publisher: Johnny Westlake        Price: $1.49 ( free trial available) Updated: 9/29/2012 – An update came down for this review so I have updated it

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This app is for one of the last gasp of terrestrial radio to try to keep listeners. It is available as an app on Windows 8 but keep in mind I have only tried them once on a webpage and

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