Windows 10 Store – part 2

The question may be asked, why did they add Music and Movies/TV into the Windows Store? Doesn’t it make sense to include a place to purchase things all together? They are all used on the PC and eventually with the Store being a universal app we’ll find Windows Phone apps here¬†as well. What a happy family…. not!

Windows Store - Movies and TV on left, Music on right

Windows Store – Movies and TV on left, Music on right

The Music and Movies/TV sections of the store are setup pretty similarly on the front page. You have the big ads at the top that slide and take up way too much space. Below that you have different genres/categories but individually they of course need to do things a bit different from each other.

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Windows 10 Store – part 1

With Windows 10 of course the Store has been updated. It has come a long way from its beginning on Windows 8. In fact it has added sections for Music and Movies/TV which will be discussed more fully in a separate article. The Store basically has to answer the same question as Windows 10 itself. Is it an improvement over the one with Windows 8 (or 8.1) and will it draw more people to use the apps?

Windows Store front page

Windows Store front page

Of course many people coming to Windows 10 will never have encountered the Windows Store before since so few upgraded to Windows 8. Rather than go over the past, this review will focus on what works or doesn’t work for me in how this app is set-up.

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Windows 10 – Is it the answer to Windows 8?

Now some of you might be thinking what is the question. In the eyes of many, Windows 8 was a disaster. To a certain degree I agree.

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New Panes

For the past year I have not had much time to devote to this blog. I really wanted to do so, but having a girlfriend left me little time to devote to this endeavor.

That has changed. The girlfriend is gone and well now I can try to devote time to a blog again.

TTP Reborn

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Windows 10 – Store (beta) build 9926

WIndows 8 introduced many new features that Windows had never had before and one of those was the Windows Store. Why not have a store, since everyone has one these days? The problem was execution. It was awful, especially the first version. You had to scroll horizontally, very little you could see on the main pages, etc. It improved some through Windows 8.1 but I believe most users either never used it or really didn’t like how it was done.

Windows 10 - Store (beta) main screen, build 9926

Windows 10 – Store (beta) main screen, build 9926

Enter Windows 10 with a re-design. Does it fix what was broken in Windows 10?

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Windows 10 – Task View

Most of the features that Microsoft is adding or changing with Windows 10 are ones that have existed in one or another for quite some time. Task view is an addition to Windows 10 that brings to the OS a feature that has been in competing operating systems for quite some time, especially Linux.

Windows 10 - Task Preview build 9926

Windows 10 – Task Preview build 9926

There a bit of familiarity with the task switch of old but it is also a fresh take on it. It has larger screenshots than before, which is probably a nod towards better manipulation with a portable device (i.e. tablet).

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Windows 10 – Cortana

You may have heard of Cortana, especially if you have used a Windows Phone device. It is a search assistant much like Siri on the Apple iphone or Google Now on Android, but it is on the Windows 10 desktop/laptop as well as the smartphone.

Cortana in Windows 10 , build 9926

Cortana in Windows 10 , build 9926

Now I have the taskbar on the top of the screen on my desktop, so Cortana doesn’t adjust for that position of the task bar. It is probably more convenient where the search bar is located. Of course with Cortana there is an advantage to using it for search that wasn’t available before on a Windows device (aside from the phone).

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