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Windows 10 – Store (beta) build 9926

WIndows 8 introduced many new features that Windows had never had before and one of those was the Windows Store. Why not have a store, since everyone has one these days? The problem was execution. It was awful, especially the

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Windows 10 – Cortana

You may have heard of Cortana, especially if you have used a Windows Phone device. It is a search assistant much like Siri on the Apple iphone or Google Now on Android, but it is on the Windows 10 desktop/laptop

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Windows 10 – Notification / Action Center

One of the major additions to Windows 10 is an Notification / Action Center. It is very much like what was added to Windows Phone last year. Do we need it?

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Windows 10 Tech Preview – Initial Thoughts

I was unsure at first about trying out Windows 10 as a Technical Preview. I finally decided I could deal with it as they made it so easy to upgrade to the official version when it is released – even

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Windows 10 – Technical Preview

Windows 10 – you may have heard of it – is on its way later this year. I am trying it out, similar to how I did Windows 8 before when it first was available. Although with WIndows 10 I

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