If you are here for the first time, this blog will change over for Windows 10. I figured I’d revive it for a little while, unsure on the exact direction, but will provide my own insights into what is changing with Windows 10 and whether I like it or ont.

Primarily this will consist of reviews of apps, but occasionally opinion pieces or other information related to Windows 10. If you have suggestions for Apps to review or any comments or suggestions at all please let me know, email below. It should be stated that I can only access apps in my market (North America). If you do not find an app I have reviewed in the Windows Store, it may currently be unavailable in the Store.

Please like the Facebook page or add yourself to the mailing list if you prefer to be notified of posts. There is also a twitter account for #ThroughThePanes. I am not an avid Twitter user.

I am interested in others contributing their own reviews or information to this blog as I can only do so much on my own. I hope at some point to establish some rules in that regard. However, if you have an interest in contributing in any way (not just your own reviews), I’d enjoy hearing from you.

Information about me: I am a 51 yr old divorced father of 3. My children are grown and I have an interest in writing/Windows, so this seemed a good match. I work for a telemarketing company and live in Akron, Ohio.


Thank you in advance for your support of this little hobby. Contact me @ throughthepanes@outlook.com


9 comments on “About
  1. voleheart says:

    well you and me are going to go under now because windows8update.com is going to start doing app reviews. They are a big blog (300,000 unique views a month) and already have made a tutorial for windows 8 and other things. there is no way we can technically compete.

    • sekyal says:

      I wasn’t at risk of going under based on another site. I’m not looking to be top dog and there is room for other points of view on the internet. I’m fine where it is, primarily a hobby but certainly hope to get a lot more hits than I do get. I feel my focus on app reviews provides more details on the ones I review, though certainly I cannot and will not review them all.
      I’ve been wondering if I will be able to continue with anything but free reviews since soon they will start charging for apps. But perhaps they will have a trial period like Android has and i can work with it that way.
      I appreciate your support. Just seeing where things take me.

      • voleheart says:

        there will be an option for a 7 day trial period for paid apps. I am dedicated to certain things so do not worry. I may not make that much money on my site $10.60 in over 10,060 views overall, but I know ads are worth $2 + and I do not see ads on yours. I hope to see you grow and grow!!

      • sekyal says:

        Yes no ads, haven’t looked into how to provide them. Currently have about 1400 overall views. I have not done much to promote it admittedly. I’ll be the first to admit I’m not a “networked” individual. I do consider with the limited scope of just app reviews, many do not need that information since they do not have Windows 8. It may change when it’s released. I hope to find time to promote the site more.

      • voleheart says:

        well there are a few ways. first off is reddit. one person reddited one of my articles that was doing poorly at the time and it made 6,700 views one day. facebook and twitter are good too and google + is the best (for me). i use blogger.com and just have a wordpress account. i think it may change but i have done very well with my app reviews. i did see you in the app comment sections and decided to check the site out.

      • sekyal says:

        Thanks for the suggestion. I did post once in google+ and should try to post more often there. WordPress doesn’t have a way to post there automatically like it does to Facebook. I do have Facebook and Twitter but not many followers on those. Yep the app comment section has helped drive views. I have added a few pages to stumbleupon so may do more. I may try Delicious but Reddit might be good as well, never used either. I should take a couple of days and instead of adding a new article try to build up the views.

      • voleheart says:

        good idea. reddit will provide honest feedback too. blogger.com instantly shares my articles to google + and then i use hootsuite for twitter and facebook.

  2. I’ll link your blog from mine and put you a link into my Google+ community – yes I know it’s like working with the dark side but hey, I like their tools, keep up the good work.

    • sekyal says:

      I’m on Google+ as well, I like their tools also. Thank you for the link and the compliment. I like that you will be posting video reviews of apps, I think that can be quite helpful for people as well.

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